The 3718 Tassel Tunnel is a bright and cheery medium bird tunnel. It has an abundance of natural raffia, perfect for shredding. Keep reading to learn more.

The 3718 Tassel Tunnel is an interactive toy for one or more small to medium-sized birds. The tunnel is a bright pink bagel with a wire passed through crossways at either end. A piece of raffia and a wooden bead then slides over the wire. It hangs from plastic chains by a quick link connector.

This tunnel toy will hang in your aviary in a snap using the quick link connector. From the quick link connector, two plastic chains are connected from their middle link and either side hangs down. The four chain ends then connect to each of the four loops that are made at either end of the wire that was passed through the bird bagel, raffia, and wooden bead. This configuration provides a stable hanging toy for your pet bird to enjoy. 

The 3718 Tassel Tunnel bird bagel is bright, colorful and perfect for hiding foraging material, or for placing nesting or other cuddling materials inside. Your bird can make their own little private refuge if they like. With its bright plastic chains, silver wire with loops and shreddable raffia material, there's plenty for your bird to love in this cheerful toy. 

Everyone knows that birds enjoy bright, shiny things. Buttons, coins, if it catches their eye, they're going to want to give it a peck and see if they can figure out what it is (and whether they can eat it). There's a famous online story about a coin operated car wash owner who kept losing money. He believed the money was being stolen by employees of the company who sold and installed the car wash system. So, they set up video cameras to catch the thieves in action. Imagine their surprise when the video showed that multiple wild Starlings were going up through the coin return slot, stealing quarters and taking them to the roof of the car wash. They found as much as $4,000 dollars in quarters on the roof, and under a nearby tree. That to me is an amazing story. I can understand why the Starlings wanted to figure out what all the fuss was about with the coin machine, but then why did they keep going back? Maybe they were saving up for some bird toys of their own.

Companion birds require psychological enrichment to keep their minds occupied and their temperaments sweet. In the wild, a bird has to constantly be thinking. Where to find food, how to avoid predators, when to build a nest, finding the perfect mate. Companion birds don't have those things to worry about, so they need other mental stimulation in order to stay happy and healthy. Boredom can lead to destructive, including self-destructive, behavior. 

The 3718 Tassel Tunnel is an excellent source of enrichment. Birds will love to explore the raffia with their feet as well as their beaks. It's great for shredding. The colorful wooden beads on each side will spin around the central wire. In addition, there are more wooden beads strung on the wire as it passes through the inside of the tunnel, and these will also spin and can be moved back and forth on the wire. The beads are different colors, from one another and from the main tunnel. The plastic chains are great for climbing and hanging on to give your beaked buddy a new perspective on their domain. The tunnel itself will shred and peel, satisfying your pet bird's desire for this type of activity. Toys like the 3718 Tassel Tunnel are great for helping to prevent feather plucking and other destructive behaviors. 

The 3718 Tassel Tunnel is (9.5) or 9 1/2 inches tall, (10) inches wide, and (7) inches deep. It weighs under (8) ounces and is made with 100% bird safe materials.

August 26, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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