The 3753 Shreddy Eddy is a medium shred toy. It hangs from a natural twine rope and has lots of shred material above and below a 3-D shred block. Check it out!

3753 Shreddy Eddy

The 3753 Shreddy Eddy from Bonka Bird Toys is a mid-size interactive shred toy. It has a quick link connector with a twine rope knotted through it. The rope travels through the center of the toy. The elements of this toy are twine, springy paper, corrugated cardboard, and a 3-D cardboard block.

The 3753 Shreddy Eddy, which let's face it, is an awesome name, is a toy that is made to be destroyed. The only part of this toy that can't be shredded is the 100% bird safe quick link connector at the top. From this connector a natural twine rope is knotted and suspended. The knot is large and chunky, and beaks are going to love it! The rope may be the last part to go, but I have no doubt that your bird can get it shredded if that's what they want to do.

The rope passes through a mound of natural, springy shredded paper. This paper may even appear to be alive when your bird first encounters it because of its springy texture. Beneath the paper are some strips of corrugated cardboard. Because it's corrugated, there are loads of little openings where birds can get their beaks and their feet into it for tactile exploration. Below the strips of cardboard is a 3-D cardboard block. The top and the bottom of this block are flat, but the area around the center has texture and birds are going to love twirling this toy around its central rope, and feeling things out with their feet. 

Below the block, the 3753 Shreddy Eddy offers another layer of corrugated cardboard strips, and things are rounded out with another mound of natural springy shredded paper. With it's nearly 100% shreddability, and the springy paper which will provide your bird with an excellent foraging experience, you can't go wrong with this Bonka Bird Toy. Conures, various species of Amazon parrots, cockatoos, larger parakeets, pionus, and caique are going to love to take a crack at the 3753 Shreddy Eddy. This toy is (16) inches high, by (8) inches wide, and (5) inches deep, and weighs under (6) ounces and is made with 100% bird safe materials.

August 23, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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