With a real wooden paddle as its base, the 3668 Paddle Chew from Bonka Bird Toys has many bird-safe parts to keep your pet’s beak busy. Check out this toy!

The 3668 Paddle Chew is a chewing and pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. The main highlight of this toy is its real natural wood paddle, which serves as its base. The paddle is decorated with many chewing and shredding components that are sure to please your pet. Get ready to paddle!

In terms of design, the 3668 Paddle Chew is pretty straightforward. The base of this toy is a wooden paddle, and its natural color is sure to help your pet feel right at home. There is a quick-link connector at the top of the paddle handle, which allows you to hang the toy inside your aviary. Also near the top, you will find a couple of short plastic chains, with each one leading to a small colorful pacifier for chewing. Then, as you travel down the paddle neck, there are multiple bird bagels wrapped around. These bird bagels consist of compressed cardboard layers, and birds love to shred them and pull them apart. Finally, the paddle head features the toy’s grand finale, as a hole is drilled through the paddle, and a long leather strand is passed through. Each side of the leather strand is adorned with (12) wooden chew squares, which are split into groups of three (3). In total, the toy has (24) wooden chew squares for your pet!

One of the best ways for your beaked pal to enjoy the 3668 Paddle Chew is through chewing and shredding. There are plenty of beak-pleasing items for your pet to chew on. Birds love gnawing on the plastic pacifiers near the top of the toy, as the tough plastic texture feels really nice on a beak. Next are the bird bagels, which are perfect for tearing and shredding. With the many layers of compressed cardboard, it will take your pet a long time to get through them. They provide hours of shredding and grabbing fun, and they help your pet work on specific motions and movements to stay healthy and strong. The wooden chew blocks at the bottom of the paddle provide a great change of pace, as they are closer to what a bird would find out in the wild. The vibrant colors will attract your pet’s attention, but they will stay for the satisfying wooden texture that keeps their beak nice and active. Your pet can even chew on the leather strand running through the paddle, as it offers a softer feel than the wooden blocks for a cool contrast. If your pet needs some beak exercise, then you can count on the 3668 Paddle Chew.

We also want to mention the pulling potential of the 3668 Paddle Chew. The leather strand running through the paddle’s head is perfect for this. Since the strand hangs on both sides, it essentially creates two (2) legs for the toy. Your pet can bite down on the loose leather part at the end of one of the legs to pull it all around. And don’t forget that the leather strand has many wood pieces attached. As your pet pulls and plays, the wooden chew pieces will clunk and clash into each other to make some appealing sounds. If you really want to get creative, then you might try tying some bells to the toy so that it rings while your pet plays. Birds also like to pull and tear on the bird bagels that are wrapped around the paddle neck. Layer after layer of compressed cardboard will keep your pet busy and entertained for hours of enjoyment.

You can easily hang the 3668 Paddle Chew using its quick-link connector at the top. As a toy for medium to large birds, the 3668 Paddle Chew measures (18) inches long, (2.5) inches wide, and (3.5) inches deep. It weighs less than nine (9) ounces, so your pet won’t be overwhelmed by this toy. All of its components are bird-safe, but we still recommend supervising your pet during the first few play sessions. The 3668 Paddle Chew is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys!


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