Built for big birds, the 3644 Large Dragon Climber has chunks of dragonwood, chewable blocks, rawhide leather, and more. See the 3644 Large Dragon Climber!

The 3644 Large Dragon Climber is a chewing and climbing toy for large-sized birds. Proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys, this unique toy has some unique components, including large cuts of dragonwood, colorful wooden chew blocks, round wooden balls, and a big and thick rope strand at the bottom.

If you’re looking for a toy with some girth and some really chunky and thick chewing components for your big bird, then the 3644 Large Dragon Climber might be just what you want. This is the bird toy for the biggest and strongest beaks, and it also helps if those beaks are busy as well. It is going to take your winged wingman quite some time to get through this bad boy. The components are big and tough and ready for roughhousing. Even rowdy and powerful birds can only put mere scratches and chips on these mammoth blocks.

Dragonwood is a tough, strong lumber, and you get real, natural chunks of the branches in this toy. The feathered heavyweight in your family will be surprisingly excited to go toe-to-toe with this big and enticing plaything that has all the thickness and weight to offer a majorly satisfying play session. And it also helps that the girthy dragonwood chunks are supplemented by other beak-pleasing items like colored wooden blocks, wood spheres and even some rawhide leather slices. Needless to say, your big bird has a big job and a big busy schedule ahead of them. Chewing this monstrosity all up, just isn’t going to happen overnight! Get ready for a long haul of big, busy chewing with the 3644 Large Dragon Climber Toy from Bonka Bird Toys!

But there are other ways to enjoy the 3644 Large Dragon Climber besides chewing. As the name implies, it can serve as a fun climbing apparatus for birds strong and powerful enough to propel their bodies up the tower. Not every bird can do this, so don’t be discouraged if your avian amigo doesn’t use the 3644 Large Dragon Climber as, well, a climber. In fact, we see more birds using it as a pulling toy by latching down on the thick yellow rope at the bottom of the structure. Whether your pet is a climber, a puller, or both, it’s all great exercise for them, and it can go a long way towards helping them live a long, healthy life. Routine exercise is particularly vital for a bird’s heart and cardiovascular health, and you would have a hard time finding a toy with more “exercise” potential than this one. It’s big. It’s thick. It’s sturdy. And it’s ready to play!

The 3644 Large Dragon Climber has a heavy duty quick-link connector for attaching to the top of the aviary. The toy measures (22) inches long, five (5) inches wide, two (2) inches deep, and weighs about one (1) pound, or (28) ounces. Small and medium birds may have trouble with this one, so it’s really for large, strong birds. All of the materials used in the toy are safe for birds of any size, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet, especially during the toy’s first few play sessions. Bonka Bird Toys is your source for the 3644 Large Dragon Climber and many other great bird toys! And stay tuned to the Bonka Bird Toys Blog for more awesome toys and cages coming soon! For your pet bird - big or small - Bonka Bird Toys has it all!

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