Your bird will love to chew on these palm leaf platt cubes and use them as fun foot toys. Learn about the 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube is a 3-pack of carefully folded palm leaf cubes that birds love to pull apart and use as foot toys. The natural palm leaf material will make your feathered friend feel right at home, and you can even stuff them with your pet’s favorite foraging material.

It’s always a nice feeling when you can give your pet something natural that you can actually recognize and identify, rather than something mysterious and manufactured. With the 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube, you know exactly what you are getting. The palm leaf cubes are quite sturdy, and they will give your beaked pal quite a fun experience as they chew and play. And since they are rather strong, your pet will surely get a lot of playtime out of the three (3) cubes.

The 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube is particularly nice if you have an island bird or tropical species of bird, as it is the same material that they will find out in nature. Island birds love chewing on palm leaves, and they are sometimes used in nesting. This is a great, natural chew material that will make your bird’s beak nice and busy. And as we know, a busy and active beak is a happy beak. Once your pet sees a familiar and natural material, it will be instant delight.

But where the 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube really shines is as a foot toy. It really doesn’t get any more simple than this. Toss the cubes around the aviary, and watch as your taloned trustees march all over them.You probably know that birds are actually quite bossy little rascals. Your beaked companions will love having the ability to tower over the palm leaf cubes and make them into their personal playthings. We can’t say for certain, as we are not actually birds, but we suspect that the palm leaf material feels awesome on a bird’s talons. That alone makes these cubes a big hit in many cages. There’s a great chance that your pet will become the latest fan.

If you want to have extra fun with the 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cubes, then you should try stuffing them with your pet’s favorite shredding or foraging material. A little treat will go a long way here and really motivate your pet for the treasure hunt. Birds are willing to work for a reward, but the prize has to be worth it. Just imagine the excitement going on in your little pecking pal’s head when they not only discover a curious new palm leaf cube, but also find that’s full of something else fun! You will likely hear chirps of pleasure and giddiness, and you will have a very happy pet.

Each of the three (3) palm leaf cubes in every order of the 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cubes is about two (2) cubic inches. Keep in mind these are 100% natural, so the size may vary slightly, but trust us, we won’t shortchange you on the palm leaf material. Both you and your pet are going to be very pleased. In terms of weight, each cube weighs less than one-half (0.5) an ounce. This means even the smallest of your baby birds won’t be too intimidated by the cubes. It might take a particularly young bird some time to “grow” into the cube, but they will get there eventually. You can bet your best beak on that. Oh, and they’re completely bird-safe as well.

You need the 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cubes from Bonka Bird Toys. Think about your pet for a second. Do they want you to buy these for them? The answer is an obvious yes. If you are the proud owner of a happy, healthy bird, then there is no reason not to pass them up. Get an order of three (3) cubes, and while you’re at it, stock up on some foraging material too. Stuff up the cubes, and get ready for a very excited avian amigo. Your bird is going to go absolutely bonkers (in a good way!) for the 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cubes. Your pet deserves them, and you deserve to watch them. Don’t hesitate. Make the magic happen. Get the cubes.

May 31, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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