Keeping your large bird’s beak and feet active is an easy task with the 3645 Jumbo Gearing from Bonka Bird Toys. Check out this jumbo toy for jumbo birds.

The 3645 Jumbo Gearing is a chewing, pulling and foot toy from Bonka Bird Toys. Specifically crafted for large birds, this behemoth has plastic gears, wooden chew blocks, long leather strands, plastic beads, a big cardboard chew bagel, and more. The toy is bird-safe and ready for action!

Any avian aficionado (aka, a bird lover) knows how important it is to alleviate cage boredom. With a big fun toy like the 3645 Jumbo Gearing, your pet will be excited day after day. Starting at the top, a quick-link connector secures a sturdy link-chain that runs through the bulk of the toy. The chain passes through colorful components like plastic beads, grooved gears, wooden planks, and more. But perhaps the most important component of the toy is the big circular chew bagel. This chewer’s delight has holes drilled through it at various spots so that enticing leather strips could be tied on to secure even more plastic beads and gears. The entire toy hangs or lays on the aviary floor for your curious bird to interact with.

While there are many ways your pet can interact with the 3645 Jumbo Gearing, the most classic method of play is chewing. There are all sorts of different chewable textures and components for your beaked pal to enjoy. Whether it’s the tough plastic texture of the gears and beads, the traditional wooden feel of the blocks and planks, or even the softer cardboard of the chew bagel, there are so many parts in place to keep those beaks nice and busy. Your pet will chew and chew, but it will take them a very long time to get through this big toy and all it offers. To call the 3645 Jumbo Gearing a chewer’s paradise is an understatement.

The fun with the 3645 Jumbo Gearing extends beyond chewing, as the toy can also offer your pet a great workout with its pulling potential. All your pet has to do is chomp down on one of the leather stands and begin pulling the toy all around. Not only will the sounds of the wood and plastic clashing against each other cause great excitement, the effort involved will go a long way towards helping your winged wingman remain active and in-shape. Birds need exercise too, and the 3645 Jumbo Gearing can really come in handy if your jumbo bird has a jumbo belly.

We also want to mention that the 3645 Jumbo Gearing works great as a foot toy. You don’t have to hang it up for your pet to interact with it. Instead, just lay the toy at the bottom of the aviary so that your pet can march all over it with their talons. Your taloned trustee can pick up various components of the 3645 Jumbo Gearing for some leg exercise. This light lifting can really assist your pet in staying engaged and active. Not to mention, the different textures on your bird’s talons can really feel quite satisfying. The plastic gears, with their various grooves and indentations, are particularly useful in that regard. They offer a nice contrast to the smoother wooden planks and plastic beads. If you want a fun change of pace with the 3645 Jumbo Gearing, then take it down from hanging, and try resting it on the ground for a fun foot toy.

The 3645 Jumbo Gearing has a quick-link connector at the top for easy hanging, if you choose to hang it. The toy measures eighteen (18) inches tall, twelve (12) inches wide, and five (5) inches deep. It weighs about twenty-two (22) ounces total, which also equates to one (1) pound & six (6) ounces. At this size and weight, the toy is best-suited for large birds. Smaller birds can also play with the 3645 Jumbo Gearing, but they may have trouble interacting with the larger components, and some smaller birds might even find the toy intimidating. Bonka Bird Toys has a great selection of Small Bird Toys if you need some new playthings for your small feathered friend. The 3645 Jumbo Gearing is completely bird-safe, but we do recommend supervising your pet during their first few play sessions with this fun toy. You can get the 3645 Jumbo Gearing and many other great products from Bonka Bird Toys.

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