You can get your feathered friend in the holiday spirit with the 3577 Christmas Twinkle Duck Yellow Basket from Bonka Bird Toys. Learn about this bird toy.

The 3577 Christmas Twinkle Duck Yellow Basket is a holiday-themed bird toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It offers chewing, pulling, shredding, and foraging opportunities for small to medium sized birds. You and your pet will love this versatile toy and its Christmas theme around the holiday season.

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the 3577 Christmas Twinkle Duck Yellow Basket. The toy itself consists of a small natural palm basket with a quick-link attachment on its handle. You use the quick-link attachment to easily hang the basket from the top of the cage. Sitting in the basket is a rubber duck with a Christmas light design and big wad of red and green shreddy paper. A metal wire passes through the duck and the basket to keep it in-place as your pet plays. At the bottom of the metal wire is a plastic bead for chewing and a small bell to provide sound effects for your beaked pal. The other end of the wire has another bead and a strand of natural leather that is perfect for pulling.

Needless to say, there is a lot going on with the 3577 Christmas Twinkle Duck Yellow Basket, and it certainly provides your pet with many ways to play. Starting with chewing, the natural palm basket, the Christmas rubber duck, and the natural leather strand are all great for working those busy beaks. Smaller birds might not be able to fit their entire beak over the rubber duck, but they can still poke and pry at it. The rubber texture will feel quite pleasant, and it should last for quite some time. Rowdy birds also love to shred and tear up the basket and the shreddy paper for some satisfying roughhousing. Your pet can also chomp down on the leather strand at the top of the duck and pull the toy all around.

If you want to get creative, then the 3577 Christmas Twinkle Duck Yellow Basket allows for that as well. You can hide treats and other surprises in the wad of Christmas-colored shreddy paper to give your pet something to find. Foraging is one of a bird’s favorite activities, and it’s always good to get a toy with some hide-and-seek potential. And once the shreddy paper is all torn up, you can just replenish the basket with some more. Some birds like to use the basket for nesting, so that is another way that your flying pal can enjoy this unique, multipurpose toy. And the bell at the bottom will keep your avian amigo coming back for more with its nice ringing sounds.

The 3577 Christmas Twinkle Duck Yellow Basket measures in at six (6) inches tall and three (3) inches across, and it has a depth of (4.5) inches. The entire toy weighs less than two (2) ounces, so your pet should have no trouble pulling it all around with the natural leather strand. All of the materials and items found in the toy are totally bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience. You can get the 3577 Christmas Twinkle Duck Yellow Basket and many other great toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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