Your pet will love perching and swinging on the 1420 Bell Swing from Bonka Bird Toys. The bells at the bottom provide pleasant sounds. Check out this fun toy.

The 1420 Bell Swing is a chewing, swinging and ringing toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It is made for small birds. The toy has a metal wire that is shaped to form an arch, and it is decorated with colorful beads. There is a wooden dowel at the bottom for perching, and two small bells dangle below.

Sometimes it just takes a simple toy like the 1420 Bell Swing to make your feathered friend a happy camper. To get started, you just need to hang the toy from the top of the aviary using the quick-link attachment at the top of the toy. Once you do, your small beaked pal will have a fun swing to play and perch on. The natural wooden dowel feels great on a bird’s talons, and your pet will enjoy gripping the rod and moving their body back and forth to swing the toy. If your pet is feeling tired, then it can just as easily be used as a quick resting spot.

The colored plastic beads that arch around the 1420 Bell Swing are what really make this toy exciting. These beads are perfect for chewing, and they can really satisfy those busy beaks. Many owners of small birds have trouble finding enticing and safe pieces of their pets to chew on. The colorful beads on this toy are perfect, as they cannot be easily swallowed, but they are still small enough for a tiny bird to fit its beak around. Your feathered friend will love to chew and play on this fun swinging toy, and it will quickly become one of their most favorite spots for hanging out.

And the 1420 Bell Swing wouldn’t be complete without the two (2) small metal bells that hang at the bottom. These bells will ring and make pleasant sounds as your pet perches and swings on the toy. Birds are particularly fond of high-pitched ringing sounds, as they sound somewhat similar to bird calls and tweets. That is why you will often find bells on swinging and perching toys like this one. Once your pet hears the bells ringing, they will want to keep playing and enjoying their fun swing.

The 1420 Bell Swing measures about nine (9) inches tall and six (6) inches wide. It has a depth of (0.75) inches. The entire toy weighs less than three (3) ounces, so your pet should have no trouble swinging the toy. All of the materials used on the 1420 Bell Swing are completely bird-safe, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. You can get the 1420 Bell Swing and many other great small bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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