Your medium to large bird will love the 3545 Hells Bells. This fun toy offers all the chewing and pulling potential that your pet craves. Learn about this toy.

The 3545 Hells Bells is a colorful chewing and pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. The toy has a set of dual plastic chains that secure exciting items like chewable snowflakes, acrylic rings, and some ringing bells. Your pet will love chewing and pulling on this noisy and long-lasting toy.

There are so many aspects that are great about the 3545 Hells Bells. Starting with its appearance, the toy features lots of bright and vibrant colors to attract the attention of your pet. Birds are much more likely to play with toys that stand-out easily, and that is one area where this toy really excels. Everything from the dual plastic chains to the acrylic rings and snowflakes is boldly colored to really stand-out in the aviary. It also helps that the ringing bells at the bottom are shiny, as many pet birds have a tendency to gravitate towards shiny, reflective surfaces. We like the snowflakes in particular, as they give the toy a fun winter look.

The main way to use the 3545 Hells Bells is as a chewing toy. Your feathered friend will love to chomp down on the various plastic textures for some important beak exercise. The different items even vary in toughness, which makes the toy perfect for giving your pet a variety of options. Many birds will start with the softer snowflakes and plastic chains, before working their way up to tougher acrylic rings. Either way, the 3545 Hells Bell is sure to keep your pet’s beak busy. And since it takes a bird quite a while to chew through these items, you can expect the toy to stick around for quite some time.

You may also find that your winged wingman likes to pull on the 3545 Hells Bells for some additional exercise. As this is a relatively long hanging toy, your pet can bite down on one of the acrylic rings or colored chewable snowflakes and then pull the toy all around. When they do this, the bells on the toy will ring and produce some fun and exciting sound effects. Birds really seem to enjoy the ringing sound of bells, and this toy has four (4) of them in total. If your taloned trustee is craving some noisy excitement, then the 3545 Hells Bells is perfect. Not to mention, the act of pulling the toy is very good exercise for your beaked pal.

The 3545 Hells Bells has a quick-link attachment at its top for easy hanging from the top of the birdcage. The toy has some metal rings, and it can easily be expanded upon with other toys and connectable items if desired. By itself, the toy measures about (13) inches tall, (4.5) inches wide, and it weighs less than six (6) ounces. We recommend the toy for medium to large birds who are strong enough to pull the toy around. All of the materials used in the 3545 Hells Bells are bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet during the first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience. The 3454 Hells Bells is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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