There’s no shortage of chewing and climbing fun with the 1961 Large Rope Coil Charm Swing. Find out how this toy can make your big beaked buddy a happy camper.

The 1961 Large Rope Coil Charm Swing is a chewing and climbing toy for medium to large birds. This toy consists of a huge coil of soft cotton rope for your pet to climb up and chew on. The rope coil has many decorations, including dice, acrylic pacifiers, paper strings, rope knots, and more!

The main highlight of the 1961 Large Rope Coil Charm Swing is obviously the massive coil of colored soft cotton rope. The rope perch gets its swirly coiled shape thanks to a twisted metal wire running through its center. This allows the toy to keep its shape even as your pet chews and climbs. What’s also super cool is how the top of the toy has a quick-link connector attached to a stainless steel link chain and a swivel joint that secures the rope coil. The quick-link connector makes it easy to hang the toy from the top of the birdcage, and the swivel joint allows the rope coil to spin a full 360-degrees as your flying pal plays. What fun!

Colored soft cotton rope is always a big hit with those busy beaks. The bright colors are great for attracting a bird’s attention, and the rope material offers the perfect texture for some satisfying chewing. And your winged wingman will enjoy the seemingly endless array of cool decorations adorning the rope coil. The colored dice, acrylic pacifiers, plastic beads, translucent wavy rings, and paper strands all give your pet something else to chew upon for a nice change of pace. Birds love having different textures and materials to chew upon, and this also helps make the 1961 Large Rope Coil Charm Swing so great.

But the 1961 Large Rope Coil Charm Swing wouldn’t be complete without its preening potential. As your feathered friend travels up the long, winding rope coil and reaches the end, they will also find a rope knot and its frayed ends. These frayed rope ends provide the perfect place for your pet to adjust their feathers and get them all neat and comfortable. Any experienced birdkeeper knows how important preening is for their bird companions, so giving your pet a toy with some preening potential will certainly be appreciated. Don’t be surprised when you see your avian amigo rubbing itself against these fantastic frayed rope ends!

One other feature on the 1961 Large Rope Coil Charm Swing is its ringing bell that will provide pleasant sound effects as your pet climbs and swings. The entire toy with its long rope coil measures (75) inches in height. Yes, seventy-five inches! The rope measures about (0.75) inches in thickness, and the depth at the cotton rope knots is three (3) inches. The toy weighs about (32) ounces, so we recommend it for medium to large birds who will be strong enough to take advantage of the toy’s free swinging ability. All of the materials found on this toy are bird-safe, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet during their first play session. The 1961 Large Rope Coil Charm Swing is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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