3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube


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The 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube from Bonka Bird Toys are bird appealing and straightforward natural foot toys. These foot toys are made with natural palm leaf and are great fun for pets to chew apart. The pack includes (3) natural palm cubes ready to be played with. Each of the palm cubes are made with thick strips of palm that have been woven in a rounded cube. The strips have a natural tan color and are very interesting for pet birds to grab and chew. As they pull the different parts of the cube apart it will change shape making it more bird enticing. The cubes are hollow and can be stuffed with your pets favorite shredding and foraging material. You can string the cubes up around the cage or from different toys to add a great natural foraging item. The cubes can even be used for regular art and craft projects with their delightful clean look.

The 3536 Pk3 Palm Leaf Platt Cube is 100% bird safe shape and size varies slightly as these are natural items and weighs and measures approximately:

Width, Depth & Height: About (2) inches

Single cube weight: Under (0.5) or (1/2) ounce

  • Bird appealing natural chew toys.
  • Easy to grab & bite.
  • Includes (3) cubes in the pack.
  • 100% bird safe.

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