Give your big feathered friend a fun chewable treat with the 3474 Huge Chewy Nicks. Learn about this toy and its large colored chewing blocks and shiny spoons.

The 3474 Huge Chewy Nicks is a chewing and climbing toy for large birds. It consists of a sturdy link chain that runs through six (6) big and colorful wooden blocks that are ideal for chewing. Two (2) shiny spoons hang below, and a quick-link attachment at the top is used for installation.

If you have a big bird, then you need to get them some big blocks to keep their beak busy. And that is exactly what you get with the 3474 Huge Chewy Nicks. These blocks have a smooth, finished wood texture that feels absolutely satisfying when a bird chomps down on them with their beak. If you have been having trouble finding a long-lasting toy because your pet seems to chew through everything else, then the 3747 Huge Chewy Nicks is probably your best bet. It will certainly take your winged wingman quite some time to break through this beast of a toy!

Birds also seem to love the beauty of the 3474 Huge Chew Nicks and its bountiful rainbow of colors. There are six (6) blocks in total, and each one features its own bright color. You get a blue block, a yellow block, a purple block, a red block, a green block, and an orange block. These colors really help the toy stand-out, and they will encourage your beaked buddy to partake in some playtime. Remember, if you are ever having trouble getting your pet to play, then presenting them with a colorful toy is often the perfect solution!

But this bodacious bundle of blocks is used for more than just chewing and boasting some fancy colors. Some brave birds have been known to try and climb up the 3474 Huge Chew Nicks and its big blocks. If your pet is up to the task, they will work to scale the toy from the bottom up. This is a great full-body workout for your bird, and regular physical activity like this is perfect for keeping a pet bird in great shape. The indents in the blocks are good for gripping, and they will assist your pet as they climb up. And best of all, the metal spoons and the bottom will make some fun sound effects as the toy bounces all around. Just imagine how proud your avian amigo will feel when they reach the top!

The 3474 Huge Chewy Nicks is about two (2) feet, or (24) inches, tall, and it is roughly (2.75) inches wide. It has a depth of (1.5) inches. The toy weighs less than eight (8) ounces, so your beaked pal will have no trouble moving it all around. All of the materials used in this toy are completely bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. The 3474 Huge Chewy Nicks is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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