Your small bird can use the 982 Coco Cup as a fun hangout spot. It is good for nesting, and its half coconut shell is 100% natural. Check out the 982 Coco Cup.

The 982 Coco Cup is a nesting and foraging toy for small birds. The toy consists of a half coconut shell that hangs from three (3) stainless steel chains. The chains meet at a metal ring that also has a quick-link attachment for hanging the toy. It also has some acrylic rings for chewing.

If you’re going for more of a tropical theme in the aviary, then the 982 Coco Cup makes a great addition. The half coconut shell can remind tropical birds of home, and its natural brown coloring fits right in with the island look. Some birds like to chew on the hard shell for some beak exercise. This is totally fine, as the natural shell is completely bird-safe. You can rest easy in knowing that there are no loose or dangerous bits that your pet might accidentally ingest. Safety is our top priority!

One of the best ways to use the 982 Coco Cup is as a nesting toy. By giving your bird access to some nesting material, such as some straw, coconut fibers, and nesting hairs, your feathered friend can begin to build a nest inside the 982 Coco Cup. The half coconut shell will contain everything, and your pet will enjoy making it their little home. Nesting is a natural behavior of birds, and it is a great way for them to stay busy. Just think about the cool little nest your pet can make in the 982 Coco Cup!

You can also use the 982 Coco Cup for foraging. Simply hide treats and other surprises inside the half coconut shell for your pet to find. You might also try hiding the goodies underneath some colored crinkle paper so that your avian amigo has to look a bit harder. Foraging helps a bird stay mentally stimulated and engaged, as it is a challenge that warrants some consideration and active thinking. Keep in mind that birds have to forage out in the wild, and being able to simulate that activity in the aviary is always encouraged.

The 982 Coco Cup toy measures in at seven (7) inches tall, (5.5) inches wide, and it is four (4) inches deep. The entire toy weighs less than five (5) ounces. All of the materials used in the 982 Coco Cup are completely bird-safe, including the half shell coconut and six (6) brightly colored acrylic rings. But you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure their safety. The 982 Coco Cup is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys. 

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