Chewing and climbing fun awaits your medium to large feathered friend when they encounter the 2209 Big Block Board from Bonka Bird Toys! Check out this toy.

The 2209 Big Block Board is a chewing and climbing toy for medium to large birds. It consists of a big stack of alternating colored wooden chew blocks and brown cardboard squares. Your beaked pal will love to chew on the different textures and climb up the toy. It is also good for pulling.

You really can’t go wrong with the 2209 Big Block Board and its simple design. From the top, the toy starts with a quick-link attachment for easy cage installation. This secures a stainless steel link chain that runs through the rest of the toy. Your winged wingman will encounter a repeating pattern of cardboard squares and colored wooden blocks. These materials are ideal for chewing, and the soft texture of the cardboard contrasts nicely with the tougher wooden chew blocks. There is also a single wooden bead at the top of the stack, which should provide some amusement for your pet.

Many birds like to shred the cardboard squares on the 2209 Big Block Board for some fun and safe roughhousing. Birds often find that destroying something is quite satisfying, so some occasional shredding should be encouraged. You won’t need to replace the 2209 Big Block Board anytime soon though, as it takes a bird quite a while to tear through this toy. And your taloned trustee is going to be very excited once they discover the wooden chew blocks hiding inside! Other birds like to grip on one of the cardboard pieces with their beaks and pull the toy all around.

As this is a stacked toy, the 2209 Big Block Board is also naturally great for climbing. Your pet can start from the bottom and pull itself up up from the bottom of the toy. Climbing up the stack of cardboard and wood will give your bird a fantastic workout, and reaching the top will make them feel accomplished and proud. You don’t often think of birds as climbers, so you might be surprised to find your pet moving itself up the toy. Of course, your avain amigo is likely to stop and chew on the wood blocks and cardboard pieces along the way.

Each cardboard square on the 2209 Big Block Board is about four (4) by four (4) inches. The entire toy is about (18) inches tall and four (4) inches wide, and it weighs less than (22) ounces. All of the materials used in the 2209 Big Block Board are bird-safe, but you should still remember to supervise your pet while they play. The 2209 Big Block Board is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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