With its colored wooden disks, satisfying sisal knots, and enticing natural vine balls, the 2126 Large Circle Chew is a chewer’s paradise! Learn about the toy.

The 2126 Large Circle Chew is a multi-texture chewing toy for medium to large birds. The chewing materials found on this toy include tough wooden disks, sisal rope notes, and colored natural vine balls. There is even a hanging bell at the bottom that adds some extra ringing excitement.

Finding a toy that can keep up with the busy chewer in the family can be a tough task. Your feathered friend is a demanding fellow, and you might find that they chew through and destroy the average toy in a single afternoon! But with something more substantial like the 2126 Large Circle Chew, you can rest easy in knowing that your avian amigo has been given the chewing fix they need to keep their beak busy.

The best part about the 2126 Large Circle Chew is all of its different chewing textures and materials. The entire toy itself has a circular shape, and as your pet moves around the circle, they will find satisfying wooden disks, colored vine balls, and stringy sisal rope. We love how the different materials range from soft to hard, as the 2126 Large Circle Chew caters to birds of all stages of growth and chewing ability. Whether your pet wants to gnaw on some wood, pull on some sisal rope, or tear apart a vine ball, the 2126 Large Circle Chew will have them covered!

But there’s so much more to love about the 2126 Large Circle Chew. Virtually all of the chewing items on the toy are brightly colored, and it creates a sort of flurry of color as your pet plays. It can make your winged wingman really happy and excited to see the different colors swing and shake as the toy is moved around. And the shiny bell at the bottom also provides a nice touch, as it will ring delightfully when this happens. Birds love ringing sounds, so you really can’t go wrong with a fun and pleasant bell!

The top of the 2126 Large Circle Chew has a quick-link attachment so that you can easily hang the toy in the birdcage. All of the materials used in the toy are completely bird-safe, so you can feel comfortable letting your pet play. Just make sure to provide proper supervision to ensure that your beaked pal has a fun and safe playtime experience. This is especially important during the first play session. In terms of dimensions, the 2126 Large Circle Chew is (8.5) inches tall, seven (7) inches wide, and three (3) inches deep. And the entire toy weighs less than six (6) ounces, so your pet should have no trouble pulling it all around. This toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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