Your pet will love the 2200 Huge Orbit for its vibrant colors, funky design, and tough plastic texture. Check out the 2200 Huge Orbit from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 2200 Huge Orbit is a chewing and foot toy for large birds. The main attraction of this brightly colored toy is its orbit body, which has plenty of varying plastic textures and grooves. Your pet will enjoy chewing on the plastic material and gripping its talons on the connecting pieces.

As you know, there are many factors to consider when choosing a bird toy. One of these factors is the color and appearance of the toy. You want toys with vibrant colors that stand out in the aviary. Bold toys with bright colors are the most likely to attract the attention of your pet and get them to start playing. The 2200 Huge Orbit certainly accomplishes that, as it features multiple colors that are all sure to spark the interest of your feathered friend. You can also try shaking the toy around, as the flurry of different colors can really get a bird excited.

What’s great about the 2200 Huge Orbit is that it is truly ideal for both chewing and climbing. There are so many different parts to this toy, and they all offer your beaked pal a unique texture and feeling for chewing. Birds get tired of chewing the same thing repeatedly, so being able to present your pet with a multi-textured toy is a great idea. The thick plastic link chain, the grooved plastic beads, the textured plastic connecting rods, and the big orange orbit ball in the center all give your winged wingman man a different feeling when they chew.

Many birds love to climb on top of the 2200 Huge Orbit, as the varying textures provide different sensations for their talons. Birds can use their talons to grip on the different parts. Doing this feels very satisfying for a bird, and it is a great way for your pet to get some lower body exercise. Your avian amigo might also try to shake the toy, which will then cause the inner rattle ball to make noise. Birds love fun noisy toys, so that’s another benefit of the 2200 Huge Orbit. There is even foraging potential from this toy, as you can hide treats and other surprises in the center ball that has many openings for stuffing.

The 2200 Huge Orbit has a quick-link connector for easy hanging in the cage. It measures about (16) inches tall and (7.5) inches wide, making the toy excellent for larger birds. It weighs less than (11) ounces, so your pet should have no trouble moving and shaking the toy all around. All of the materials used in this toy are bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. This fun and colorful toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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