You can’t go wrong with the 1092 Jumble Chew and its natural cotton rope and colored wooden chew pieces. Make your bird happy with the 1092 Jumble Chew.

The 1092 Jumble Chew is a chewing and pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It is made with your medium sized pet bird in mind. The toy offers natural cotton rope and wooden chew pieces that feel great on a bird’s beak. Your feathered friend will love to chew on this toy and pull it all around!

Keeping your bird active and engaged is always important. And that is exactly what you get with the 1092 Jumble Chew. The toy has a simple and straightforward design that starts with a quick-link connector at the top. The connector holds a stainless steel link chain that has four (4) strands of cotton rope laced through it. Each length of cotton rope is appropriately decorated with chewable wooden disks and spheres. These wood pieces are colored to attract the attention of your pet.

Your beaked bestie won’t have any trouble finding ways to enjoy the 1092 Jumble Chew. As the name implies, this toy is fantastic for chewing. Your pet will love to chomp down on the wooden pieces for some important beak exercise. They are hard enough to satisfy your pet, but also soft enough to prevent any beak damage. Your bird will also find that the soft cotton rope on the toy provides the perfect contrast to the harder wood pieces. The rope is thick, and it will take your winged wingman quite some time to chew through it. Your pet will certainly get some long-lasting fun out of the 1092 Jumble Chew!

But the 1092 Jumble Chew wouldn’t be complete without some pulling action. Your avian amigo can bite down on the frayed ends of the rope and pull it all around. This will provide a great workout for your pet and really help them stay in shape. We also recommend tying some bells to the toy so that some ringing sound effects are achieved as your pet plays. Birds absolutely love the sound of ringing bells, and they certainly serve as the ideal accessory for this fun toy.

The 1092 Jumble Chew is about (12) inches long and four (4) inches wide, and it weighs less than six (6) ounces. Medium to large sized birds should have no trouble pulling the toy around and working their beaks on the wooden disks and sphere. All of the materials used in this toy are bird-safe, but we still recommend supervising your pet to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. You can get the 1092 Jumble Chew and many other great toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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