Your feathered friend can use the 2194 Large Weaning Perch as a climbing and gripping toy. It is great for exercising a bird’s lower body. Check out this toy.

The 2194 Large Weaning Perch is a climbing and foot toy for birds of all sizes. Many birds like to use the toy to practice perching and gripping objects with their talons. The toy’s bright colors are attractive to birds, and it can be particularly useful for birds recovering from injury.

When compared with the other toys from Bonka Bird Toys, the 2194 Large Weaning Perch is a bit different. It doesn’t hang from the cage, and it is more of a practice accessory than a toy. But it still serves as a great tool for your pet bird. The product is made of wood, and its main highlight is its five (5) round wooden dowels that serve as perches. Each wooden perch comes in a unique color, with the included colors being yellow, green, red, blue, and orange. The side of the unit is a natural wood color, and it has square-shaped steps for your pet to climb and practice its balance and stability.

Most users will leave the 2194 Large Weaning Perch at the bottom of the birdcage, or even loose randomly around the house for their birds to encounter. This can be particularly useful if you allow your pets to wander around outside their aviaries sometimes. Once your pet finds the set of perches, they can rest on any of the five (5) colored perches and use it as a hangout spot. Birds often like to climb the set of perches for some exercise. Your winged wingman might also enjoy climbing up one of the toy’s sides and using it as a small staircase for going up and down.

But the 2194 Large Weaning Perch isn’t just a climbing toy. It also makes the perfect foot toy, as it gives birds many opportunities to work their talons. Once your pet perches on the toy, they will be able to repeatedly tighten and loosen their grip for some extra exercise. Birds love things that they can grip, especially long and smooth perches that feel satisfying on their talons. The set of perches is a bit heavy and unwieldy for a bird to pick up or anything like that, but this also means that it can serve as a stationary perching set for your pet to play on. If you really want to get creative, you can leave the 2194 Large Weaning Perch underneath some chewing toys so that you pet can interact with their favorite plaything while they climb and balance upon their perching set.

We have seen many times before that the 2194 Large Weaning Perch works rather nicely for birds rehabbing from injuries and/or learning basic movement and strength-building skills. If your pet has an injured foot or leg, then practicing on a perch set may be more desirable than attempting to rehab on cage perches. With five (5) colorful perches that are all adequately spaced, your pet can easily improve its balance and lower body strength. You may also consider leaving the toy upside-down to encourage your bird to work on its stair-climbing capabilities.

The 2194 Large Weaning Perch comes in vibrant colors to please your avian amigo. It measures about six (6) inches tall, (11.75) inches wide, and ten (10) inches deep. It weighs about (22) ounces. This wooden perch and climbing set is completely bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet during their first playing session. If your pet is using this toy to rehab from an injury, then make sure to pay close attention while they interact with the item. You may want to ask a professional bird expert or veterinarian for additional advice. The 2194 Large Weaning Perch and many other great products are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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