Provide your small to medium sized bird with lots of preening and chewing delight with the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring! Check out this toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring is a preening, chewing, and swinging perch toy for small to medium birds. Your pet can chew on the toy’s soft cotton rope and variety of plastic pieces, preen feathers on the rope frays, and swing on the rope perch. Birds love the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring!

Even though the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring is a smaller bird toy, it offers big excitement, and there really is a lot to take in. Starting from the quick-link attachment at the toy’s top that is used for easy hanging, the toy then leads to some plastic chewing pieces, followed by the soft cotton rope perch, which serves as the toy’s main attraction. This rope perch keeps its shape with an inner metal wire, and it is decorated with many smaller ropes with frayed ends that are ideal for preening. There are also some natural leather strands for pulling, acrylic dice for chewing, and even a ringing bell!

Needless to say, there are a plethora of ways for your pet to enjoy the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring. We think that the ultimate attraction of this toy is its preening potential. Birds often use the frayed ends of ropes to preen and adjust their feathers for comfort. Just one look at this toy will reveal its many pieces of natural sisal rope tied to the bottom of the rope perch. These sisal rope pieces have the frayed ends that your winged wingman craves for preening. Not to mention, there is also a bonus rope knot with frayed ends near the top, and the rope perch itself has a big and thick knot at the bottom with more frayed goodness. Your avian amigo won’t even know where to begin, but it goes without saying that this toy is basically one big preening machine!

But there is also major chewing potential with the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring. And with all of the bright and vibrant colors found on this toy, there is a good chance that your beaked pal won’t be able to resist! The soft cotton rope perch and the sisal rope strands at the bottom are all good for chewing. The same can be said for the natural leather strands at the top of the toy. And the assorted plastic charms are quite harder for a nice change of pace. Whether your pet is craving something hard or soft, the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring has their chewing needs covered!

If your pet bird is on the smaller side, then there is a great chance that they can use the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring as a swing. Smaller birds like budgies, finches, lovebirds, and canaries can fit neatly in the circular center rope and use it as perch. Then, by swaying back and forth, they can get the toy to swing. The toy hangs freely from the top of the cage using its quick-link attachment, so getting it to swing is very easy. And once the swinging commences, the bell on the toy will begin to ring for even more excitement and fun.

The 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring measures about (18) inches long, (12) inches wide, and (2.5) inches deep. Its total weight is less than (12) ounces. All of the materials and components used to make the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring are bird-safe, but you should still remember to supervise your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience. You can get the 1758 Small Fuzz Rope Ring and many other great toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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