Bird owners who want an extra fun toy have a great option in the 1937 Bell Pull. Birds love the plastic ball and ringing bells. Check out the 1937 Bell Pull.

The 1937 Bell Pull is a bird toy that consists of an plastic ball and several affixed ringing bells and colorful acrylic rings. The toy can be easily hung in a cage, and it makes a fun new plaything for medium sized birds. Your favorite feathered friend will surely love the 1937 Bell Pull.

1937 Bellpull

Birds need active stimulation and fun toys to prevent them from becoming destructive and board. The 1937 Bell Pull offers hours of fun and amusement for any curious bird. The toy is centered around a three (3) inch plastic ball that comes in a bright color to attract their attention. Many bird owner like to fill the ball with shredded paper or other creative treats for added excitement.

But the real thrill ride comes from the affixed chain and its many dangling objects. Perhaps the most fun are the bells. These shiny attractions will ring when your bird pokes and pecks at the ball. The pleasant sounds will please your bird, and they will spend hours ringing their fun new gadget. Sound stimulation isn’t found in many bird toys, which makes the 1937 Bell Pull fairly unique in its playtime offerings.

We also gotta give some love to the colored acrylic rings that dangle from the 1937 Bell Pull. They are attached to the same chain as the mini bells, and their bright colors are sure to warrant your bird’s interest. Your bird will enjoy gnawing and chewing on the rings, and they are completely bird-safe. Many bids like to pull the chain from side to side and watch as the attached objects go up and down.

The entire toy measures about nine (9) inches long and three (3) inches wide. It comes with a quick link for easy cage installation. The brightly colored charms are safe for your bird, and the toy makes a great addition to any cage. The product in handmade in Florida. You can get the 1937 Bell Pull from Bonka Bird Toys.

June 19, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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