Small and medium sized birds can use the 1914 Basket Swing as a cool hangout spot. It dangles from the cage for extra fun. Check out the 1914 Basket Swing.

The 1914 Basket Swing is a small basket with three colorful plastic chains that hangs from the top of a bird cage. It makes a nifty hangout spot for smaller and medium birds. Many bird owners love to fill the basket with fun treats to give their feathered friends something extra to enjoy.

1914 Basket Swing

When you think of birds, you think of nests. Birds love a cozy little spot that they can claim as their own and use for a nice bit of relaxation. With the 1914 Basket Swing, you can provide the perfect little hangout base for your flying compadre. Your bird will feel right at home with their new basket, and it will become their favorite nesting spot.

As you probably know, baskets are perfect for storing things. The 1914 Basket Swing is no exception. Lots of bird owners will fill the basket with shredded paper or other foraging materials for their feathered friends. You can even hide a fun treat or a new toy in there. Imaging your bird’s surprise when they find something new and exciting in their 1914 Basket Swing waiting just for them!

Most birds like to use the 1914 Basket Swing as a spot to hangout and relax. But if your bird gets a little rowdy, then they are in luck. Since the 1914 Basket Swing hangs from the top of the catch, a more active bird can easily use it as an active swing and sway back and forth. This will be loads of fun for your beaked pal. Additionally, the plastic chains and attached acrylic rings make for excellent bird toys. Each fixture is completely bird-safe.

The 1914 Basket Swing measures in at about eight (8) inches long and roughly six (6) inches wide. The basket comes with a quick link connection for easy cage placement. The product is handmade in Florida. You can get the 1914 Basket Swing and lots of other great products for your bird at Bonka Bird Toys.

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