Medium to large sized birds will enjoy the 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring. It serves as a chew toy, play gym and swing. Learn about the 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring.

The 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring is a toy for medium to large pet birds. It consists of two (2) interconnected soft cotton rope rings, and it has a cluster of rope at its base. The toy is suspended by a quick link chain. Pet birds use the toy to exercise their beaks and preen their feathers.

1036 Large Globe Ring

One of the best aspects of the 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring is its vibrant design. Birds love bright colors, and these interconnected rope rings will certainly attract their attention and focus. The rope consists of a soft, interwoven cotton material that is safe for a bird to chew on and strengthen their beak. This will provide your feathered friend with an important outlet for getting some beak exercise as they bite down on the rope.

Some adventurous birds may enjoy using the 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring as a swing or play gym. A bird can perch on one of the rings and then gently sway and swing back and forth. They may bite down on the rope for added stability. Not every bird will play with the toy this way, but it does increase the versatility of the 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring. No matter how your bird enjoys this toy, it will surely become a big highlight in their cage.

The 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring is also great for preening. Birds frequently work to keep their feathers clean. Dust and small particles can accumulate and cause irritation. You may notice your bird rubbing their feathers against the cluster of rope. This is normal, and it likely feels very pleasant for your flying pal. Your bird will be positioning and adjusting their feathers to maximize comfort. Preening is a routine behavior, and the 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring can help.

Most cages for medium to large birds can accommodate the 1036 Large Globe Rope Ring. It measures in at 20 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. The toy is completely safe for birds to chew and play on. A quick link chain allows for easy cage placement. Bonka Bird Toys also offers the smaller 1992 Medium Globe Rope Ring and the even larger 1411 Huge Globe Rope Swing.

July 03, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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