Your big feathered friend can chew on the 1811 Double Pyramid and climb up the toy for some exercise. Learn about the 1811 Double Pyramid from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1811 Double Pyramid is a chewing and climbing toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This fun toy consists of a big stack of colorful wooden blocks that are attached to a stainless steel chain. Birds can chew on the blocks and climb up the toy for some healthy exercise. It is also great for pulling.

We love the 1811 Double Pyramid as a simple colorful toy that really stands-out in the aviary. It’s amazing how much fun birds can have with a link chain running through a big stack of wooden chew blocks. Each colored wood block has a single hole drilled in the center, and the stainless steel chain passes through them. This allows the blocks to be rotated as your pet plays, and the blocks can also be slid up and down the chain. This will give your pet greater ability to interact with the toy.

The main way for a pet bird to use the 1811 Double Pyramid is as a chew toy. The wooden blocks feel very nice on a bird’s beak. And since the blocks are brightly colored, they will quickly attract the attention of your avian amigo. Regular chewing is very healthy for birds, and it is a natural behavior that helps them strengthen their beaks. With so many wooden blocks on the 1811 Double Pyramid, it will take your pet quite some time to get through this toy!

Many birds also like to use the 1811 Double Pyramid for climbing. Your taloned trustee can start at the bottom and try to scale the toy by climbing up the wooden blocks. The toy hangs loosely, and your pet will appreciate the gentle swaying motion of the structure as they climb. Having the blocks easily rotate and spin makes the climbing process quite amusing to watch. Best of all, the act of climbing offers great exercise for a bird, and it can really help your pet stay active and in shape.

One other way for a bird to enjoy the 1811 Double Pyramid is as a pulling toy. The metal ring at the bottom can be grabbed by a bird’s beak, and they can pull the toy all around. Many bird lovers like to attach a bell at the bottom to provide some ringing sound effects during playtime. This toy measures about (20) inches tall, (6.25) inches wide, and it has a depth of just over (0.8) inches. A quick-link attachment at the top of the toy makes it easy to hang. All of the materials used in the 1811 Double Pyramid as bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet to ensure that they enjoy the toy. The 1811 Double Pyramid and many other great toys are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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