Your pet is sure to love the 1504 Coco Sneaker and its half coconut shell, mini sneakers, and acrylic plastic chew pieces. Learn about the 1504 Coco Sneaker.

The 1504 Coco Sneaker is a medium-sized bird that consists of a half coconut shell with attached mini sneakers and plastic rings. The toy has a fun design that really stands out inside the birdcage, and it is ideal for chewing, pulling, and foraging. Your pet will love the 1504 Coco Sneaker!

We were feeling pretty creative when designing the 1504 Coco Sneaker. At the top of the toy is a quick-link attachment that allows for easy installation and hanging. The stainless steel link chain leads to a natural half coconut shell that will offer a fun, tropical vibe for the aviary. There are then four (4) holes drilled into the coconut. Each hole secures a plastic acrylic chew piece, a metal ring, and one of our famous mini sneakers!

There are so many ways for your feathered friend to enjoy the 1504 Coco Sneaker. Most of the versatility comes from the mini sneakers, which are just like the real thing. They have pull-able laces and rubber soles, which makes them ideal for chewing. Your beaked pal will absolutely love to chew up these mini sneakers for some satisfying destruction. And if your pet is craving something harder, then the acrylic plastic rings are perfect for working the beak.

Another use for the 1504 Coco Sneaker is foraging. You can hide treats and surprises inside the mini sneakers for your pet to find. The inner crevices make great hiding spots, and your winged wingman will have to look carefully if they don’t want to miss the surprises you have tucked away. If you really want to be tricky, then you may try attaching something inside the half coconut shell. Your pet will need to look underneath the shell to avoid missing it!

Many birds like to pull on different components of the 1504 Coco Sneaker. The laces on the mini sneakers and the attached acrylic rings are perfect for this. The metal rings on the toy have the added benefit of allowing for quick and easy expansion. One great option is to attach one or more metal bells to the toy that can ring as your pet plays and pulls. Birds love ringing sound effects, and that makes a bell a fun and effective option.

You can use the quick-link attachment at the top of 1504 Coco Sneaker to easily hang the toy. For dimensions, the toy measures about (9.5) inches long, and it has a width of about (5.5) inches. The entire toy weighs less than eight (8) ounces, so a medium sized bird should have no trouble pulling it all around. All of the materials used in the 1504 Coco Sneaker are bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. The 1504 Coco Sneaker and many other great toys are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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