Large pet birds love the 1762 Duo Clacker! It includes shiny stainless steel cups and acrylic pacifiers for their entertainment. Learn all about this fun toy.

The 1762 Duo Clacker is a bird toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It is designed to keep large feathered friends engaged and stimulated while they spend time in their cages. In particular, birds appreciate the shiny stainless steel cups and the clanging sounds they make when crashing into each other.

As any experienced bird keeper knows, the last thing you want is a bored or unhappy bird. When a bird becomes bored due to a lack of stimulation, they will typically resort to unwanted behavior. In some cases, this behavior may even be destructive to themselves or their surroundings. Luckily, there are fun toys like the 1762 Duo Clacker that you can provide to ensure that this does not occur. Once your bird sees the 1762 Duo Clacker, they will use their stored energy for a positive and healthy play session.

The 1762 Duo Clacker has a lot to take in, though its overall design is quite simple. A stainless steel link chain runs from the top of the toy. It leads to a plastic 4-way tube that has additional chains coming out from each opening. Each of these chains is decorated with a stainless steel measuring cup and an acrylic pacifier. But then to double the fun, there is a metal ring underneath the plastic 4-way tube that secures yet another chain. And this bottom chain leads to yet another plastic 4-way tube with four (4) more stainless steel cups and four (4) more colorful acrylic pacifiers. In total, your feathered friend will enjoy eight (8) shiny stainless steel cups, plus eight (8) colorful acrylic pacifiers to chew and pull on!

And pulling on one of the pacifiers and chains will lead to a very exciting experience for your bird. When one section is pulled, the other chains will be dragged along with it. This will result in the stainless steel cups clashing and clanging against each other to produce some high-pitched crashing sounds. Birds love these high-pitched noises, and it will keep your beaked pal coming back for more. All the while, your pet will be able to keep its beak strong and healthy by chewing on the colorful acrylic pacifiers. And you can rest easy in knowing that the entire 1762 Duo Clacker is completely bird-safe, though it is advised that you supervise your pet the first time they play with their exciting new toy.

Installing the 1762 Duo Clacker is made simple thanks to the sturdy quick link attachment. Simply hang it from the top of the birdcage, and let the fun begin! It is also very easy to detach the toy and move it to a different area if needed. The toy measures about (16) inches in height, and it is roughly six (6) inches across at its widest point. Color options of blue, pink, white and yellow are available for the two (2) plastic 4-way tubs and the eight (8) acrylic pacifiers. The eight (8) stainless steel pots all come in a shiny silver color that is sure to delight your avian amigo. You can get the 1762 Duo Clacker and many other fantastic toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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