If your pet is in need of a cool hangout spot, then look no further than the 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut. Purchase the soft and cuddly hut at Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut is a hangout and foraging toy that can also sometimes be used as a makeshift carrier. It is a large cut of soft and cuddly fabric that is folded over into a hut shape. The product has many potential uses for birds and other pets, and it’s even good for picnics.

Perhaps the first thing you will notice about the 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut is its fun and festive design. It has a really cool “jungle” pattern, complete with leaves and flowers that all stand out vibrantly on a black background. And with the “interior” being a bright, solid yellow, this is a cuddly safety blanket that commands attention. Your beaked pal will be extremely eager to get their feathers all over it!

While the 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut might seem a bit small from the eyes of a full-grown human, a small to medium sized bird will likely view it as a vast blanket. This hut is a safe haven of comfort that can be quite relaxing and pleasing to your pet. If you are caring for a bird with a troubled past who needs a piece of warmth and comfort, then the 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

You will likely find your winged wingman hanging out delightfully in their 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut. And don’t try to take it back from your pet once they claim it. Once your bird has made it their home, then it belongs to them. That’s bird logic for you. But you will be pleased to find that this happy hut home is also a hefty house, as it is very well-built and ready to withstand the wear and tear (and face it, messes) that all come with being a bird’s snuggle puppet.

Back to the design, the large soft fabric cloth folds over into a triangular shape, with two (2) heavy duty link connectors at top. This gives the 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut more of a structured shape, and it helps it remain sturdy even if your pet gets rowdy or overly playful. Even an aggressive and otherwise angry bird will be a happy camper with their 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut. You need it. Your pet needs it. Don’t hesitate. It will make your life softer and happier and better overall.

The 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut is (8.5) inches tall, ten (10) inches wide, and (7.25) inches deep. It has a total weight of just under seven (7) ounces. The toy is easily hung in the aviary, thanks to its two (2) quick-link connectors. Your playful pet will be all cool and chilling in their happy hut. And you can even stuff it with their favorite foraging material for some interesting interactivity. It’s even usable for carrying loose items. Some of us at Bonka have been known to take the 1691 Large Bonka Happy Hut to picnics. You can too! Buy it now from Bonka Bird Toys!

June 04, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys


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When will u have the small bonka bird hut in stock? I’m desperately in need!

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