It’s triple the fun with the 1195 Play Three from Bonka Bird Toys. Your pet gets a plastic roller cage and two (2) types of plastic balls. Check it out.

Coming with the 1195 Play Three is a small plastic roller cage, a small plastic wiffle ball with slots, and a small plastic ball with circular holes. All three (3) items make awesome foot toys for a small to medium pet bird. There’s so much versatility here, and your pet is sure to have fun.

Foot toys like the 1195 Play Three are sometimes overlooked when compared with hanging chew toys. This is likely because foot toys are not hung prominently inside an aviary like a chew toy that gets all the glory and attention. Instead, foot toys are typically tossed loose around the aviary, and they usually end up at the bottom or th base where a human observer is less likely to notice them. But these important playthings certainly don’t go unnoticed by birds, and they undoubtedly play a huge role in their development of fine motor skills and playtime interactivity.

While the three (3) pieces to the 1195 Play Three are all relatively simple, there was clearly a considerable amount of thought that went into their design. The plastic roller cage can be placed on its side so that your winged wingman can push it all around for a fun activity. It rolls differently than a spherical ball, and this will definitely be noticed by your pet when they go to partake in playtime, The two (2) plastic balls are both a bit different as well, as they have their own characteristics. Many birds will march and climb all over them. Some birds prefer the larger slotted openings, while others like the smaller circular openings. With the 1195 Play Three, you get both, so you really cannot go wrong.

There are other miscellaneous aspects associated with the 1195 Play Three that make them so great. We haven’t even mentioned the smooth plastic texture that feels super satisfying on a bird’s talons. Not only is it tough and durable for long-lasting enjoyment and fun, birds just love to rub against it and make it their own. This isn’t so much as preening, but rather a bird’s way of saying that it belongs to them. It’s actually quite adorable. And it also doesn’t hurt that all three (3) of the plastic components are very brightly colored and attractive to birds. You likely know by now that birds love bright and bold colors. It’s a safe bet that your pet is going to be attracted.

And if all that wasn’t enough, it should also be mentioned that each of the three (3) pieces can be used for light noise making. There is a rattle ball inside the roller cage, and each plastic ball also has a rattler. There will be noisy amusement and merriment as your best beaked pal plays and interacts with the 1195 Play Three. Plus, since each component has openings, you can stuff foraging material inside for some additional fun. And just like that, you have taken a relatively simple toy and turned it into something truly special for your pet. Best of all, it’s totally bird-safe!

The components of the 1195 Play Three come in assorted colors, so prepare to be surprised. Together, they weigh about three (3) ounces all together, so even your small pet bird will be able to have big fun. These are noisy, durable, and fun toys that you don’t want to miss. You can get the 1195 Play Three - complete with a roller cage and two wiffle balls - from Bonka Bird Toys.

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