Amy loves caring for her pet cockatiel, Posey. Find out how Bonka Bird Toys helped Amy find the perfect playstand and some new toys for her favorite pet.

Today on the Bonka Bird Toys Blog, we would like to tell you a quick story about Amy and Posey, her two year old pet cockatiel. Posey is a pied cockatiel who loves to sing songs, climb on top of things, and forage for surprises. She is a very loving bird who couldn’t be any happier.

However, Amy always seemed to have a hard time interacting with Posey. After all, Amy is an adult woman, and she towers over her feathered friend. And while Amy could put Posey in her aviary to bring her closer to eye-level, the cage felt like an unnatural barrier that only resulted in further separation. She wanted some way to get closer to Posey so that they could better share in their bonding experiences.

Amy decided to explore some options for her feathered friend. That’s when she discovered playstands for birds. An aviary playstand is a free-standing structure that isn’t enclosed like a cage or aviary. It is open to allow direct interaction with your pet, and a good playstand will provide a bird with lots of fun and interesting components to play with. Amy believed that finding the ideal playstand for posey would help her become closer with her pet.

After doing some research, Amy settled on the King’s Cages PP503 Metal Playstand. While it is a bit of a large playstand for a cockatiel like Posey, the PP503 offers undeniable quality, and it gives a bird plenty of room to move around. The King’s Cages PP503 also has five (5) ladders for climbing, three (3) natural wooden perches, two (2) stainless steel cups for feeding, a seed catcher, and even a slide-out tray. It is available in color options of White, Grey/Silver, Sandstone, Coppertone, Black/Silver, and Green. Overall, the King’s Cages PP503 provided Amy and Posey the perfect way to hang out and spend time together. Posey chirped and flapped her wings with delight as soon as she laid her eyes upon the PP503 Playstand.

While the PP503 Playstand was a great start, Amy also wanted to get some toys for Posey to play with. One that particularly struck her eye was the 1839 Foraging Star. This toy consists of a natural vine ball that is stuffed with colorful shreddy paper and surrounded by colored wooden chew stars and a ringing bell at the bottom. Amy ordered the toy to give Posey some chewing and foraging fun and delight. It worked perfectly, as Amy could stuff Posey’s favorite treats and surprises inside the natural vine ball, and the wooden stars were excellent for keeping Posey’s beak nice and strong. Also the toy’s smaller size didn’t intimidate or scare her cockatiel. It was a smashing success, and Amy even ended up ordering a second 1839 Foraging Star to entertain Posey for hours on end.

One final concern of Amy’s was that she noticed Posey was picking at her feathers quite a bit. She decided to get Posey a fun preening bird toy with some frayed rope that she could interact with and feel a bit more comfortable. Amy decided on the 82026 Xtra Small Mardi Gras. Also a smaller bird toy, the 82026 Xtra Small Mardi Gras is loaded with lots of soft cotton rope material for a bird to rub its feathers against and feel all comfortable. It quickly became Posey’s favorite plaything, and she loved to preen her feathers and gnaw on the rope bits. Both Amy and Posey were extremely pleased with the purchase.

With their new King’s Cages PP503 Playstand, 1839 Foraging Star, and 82026 Xtra Small Mardi Gras, Amy and her pet cockatiel Posey were happier than ever, and they were able to bond much more closely than ever before. Amy would regularly leave Posey out and loose on the PP503 Playstand when she was around to supervise, and Posey felt much more comfortable and relaxed in her regular aviary when Amy was away working or shopping. Needless to say, Amy and Posey had a great experience with Bonka Bird Toys, and they would certainly recommend the site to any bird lover.

Why not see what you can find for your beaked pal on Bonka Bird Toys? You can check out the same products Amy and Posey enjoyed - the King’s Cages PP503 Playstand, the 1839 Foraging Star, and the 82026 Xtra Small Mardi Gras - or maybe you can find something else for your favorite pet? Take a few moments to search around our site, and see what you can find. Thanks for visiting Bonka Bird Toys today, and we’ll be back with more stories and product information coming soon.

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