If you want a fun hideaway for your small bird or a nice chew toy for your larger bird, then the 1683 Coco Home is for you. Learn about the 1683 Coco Home.

The 1683 Coco Home is a complete, natural coconut shell with an attached chain for hanging in your bird’s cage. The coconut is hollowed out, and a large circular opening allows a smaller bird to explore the inside. Larger birds can use the shell as a chew toy. It is natural and bird-safe.

1683 Coco Home

Many of our customers love the 1683 Coco Home for the tropical aesthetic it provides to a bird’s living quarters. Birds love to explore, and the 1683 Coco Home will give them another crevice to go and check out. The toy measure about seven (7) inches high and five (5) inches wide, though this can vary slightly depending on the size and shape of the natural coconut.

Nesting is a natural behavior for many birds. The 1683 Coco Home provides the perfect little spot for your feathered friend to set up their nest. Smaller birds like cockatiels and finches can actually fit inside the coconut and use it as their secret hideaway. Mischievous birds might like to play hide and seek by using the 1683 Coco Home as their favorite hiding spot. You can even fill it with foraging material like shredded paper for your bird to enjoy.

But the 1683 Coco Home isn’t just for smaller birds. Larger birds like macaws and African Greys will love the natural coconut as a satisfying chew toy. This will give them a chance to work out their beaks and perform some healthy gnawing. It will take a bird a long time to get through the 1683 Coco Home, so it should serve a long-lasting plaything for your flying companion.

The 1683 Coco Home is completely safe for birds and constructed from real coconut. It includes a quick link chain so that you can easily place it in your bird’s cage. The product is made by hand in the state of Florida. We strongly recommend the 1683 Coco Home for any bird owner who wants to give a fun, safe and long-lasting treat for their pet.

May 12, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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