With the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring, your bird gets double the rings and double the fun. The cotton rope is a fun chew toy. Check out the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring.

The 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring is a bird toy built for medium and large birds. The toy is comprised of two (2) interconnected circular rings of soft cotton rope. Both rings include a block of chewable wood for birds to enjoy. A chain at the end allows for quick and easy cage placement.

1677 Twin Rainbow Ring

Your bird is surely in for a treat if you reward them with the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring. The dual rings are vibrant and colorful, and they will certainly attract the attention of your feathered friend. Healthy and active birds enjoy chewing on the soft cotton rope and the small wooden blocks. Working the beak is a natural activity for a bird, and the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring will help your flying pal get the exercise they need.

The 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring also provides an attractive fixture for nearly any bird cage. The toy measures in at about thirteen (13) inches long and seven (7) inches wide, and it really stands out. The rope is about one (1) inch in diameter, which is perfect for medium and large birds to perch upon. Your bird will be able to work their talons and get the foot movement that they have been craving.

Since the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring hangs from the cage, it also serves as functional swing. Many birds love to sway back and forth on the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring for some added activity. Others just like to rest and gnaw on the cotton rope and wooden blocks. We have even seen some birds peek their heads in and out of the rings. There really is so much for your bird to do with the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring. The toy is completely safe for birds and designed with medium and large pet birds in mind.

May 12, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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