The 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring has three interconnected colorful rings for medium and large birds to play with and enjoy. Learn about the 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring.

The 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring is a toy for medium and large birds that consists of three colorful interconnected circular ropes. Your pet bird will love to move in and out of the rings and climb up and down for a nice exercise. The colored rings are perfect for attracting a bird’s attention.

Medium and large birds tend to get the best use out of the 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring. The bold and colorful rings make an excellent addition to bigger cages, and they will surely earn the focus of your feathered friend. The toy measures roughly seven (7) inches wide and eighteen (18) inches tall. It includes an attached chain for hanging from a cage.

Your active and energetic bird will most definitely enjoy some rewarding playtime with the 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring. The colorful, vibrant rings will surely catch their eye, and they will want to spend hours with their new toy. Medium and large pet birds can comfortably perch on the rings to work their talons. Such perching activity is healthy and natural for any pet bird.

Birds also enjoy climbing up and down the rings to move around and get some exercise. They might also want to fly through the rings and use them as an obstacle course. The rope is also perfect for gnawing, and it will give your bird a fantastic chew toy to work their beak. Its large size also makes it ideal for multiple birds to play with simultaneously.

Since the 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring dangles from the top of the cage, it also makes a perfect swing. More adventurous birds may want to sway back and forth on the structure to get some added excitement and movement. Other birds may want to relax comfortably on the rings. No matter how you bird enjoys the 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring, they will surely love their new toy. 

May 12, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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