The 1069 Crystal Swing hangs from a short chain and is a yellow and green arch-shaped swing made with opaque beads and with a wooden perch. Check out this swing!

1069 Crystal Swing

The 1069 Crystal Swing is a fun little swing made by passing a wire through one side of a wooden dowel. It then passes through each of 34 beads. The string of beads is shaped into an arch and the opposite end of the wire passes through the dowel on the opposite side. The wire is secured on each side with small loops.

Small pet birds such as Budgie, Finch, Cockatiel, Parakeet, Canary, Parrotlet, and Lovebirds will enjoy this charming swing/perch combination. The beads used are bright, with two different sizes as well as two colors to capture and hold your small bird’s attention. In addition to the lively colors and different sizes, each bead will rotate around the wire in the center, providing additional enjoyment for your feathered friend. The swing has a quick link connector at the top for quick and easy installation. It is suspended from its mounting location on a short, bright silver chain, which birds will no doubt also enjoy playing with!

The perch is made from a round wooden dowel about six inches wide, and the swing itself is about eight inches tall. It weighs under three ounces. This round wooden perch is all natural and comfortable for tiny bird feet. Your avian friend will enjoy resting on the perch, as well as exploring it with his or her beak. The small loops of wire on either side of this delightful swing are great places to hang other items, such as toys with different textures and colors. This will provide well-rounded sensory stimulation. All of the components that go into making this bird swing are 100% bird safe and non-toxic. 

August 18, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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