The 3746 ABC Coin toy hangs from a quick link connector. It has five metal rings, four wooden coins, four ropes, eight wooden blocks, and a tinkling silver bell.

3746 ABC Coin

This toy's quick link connector has a silver metal hoop hanging down. A rope is passed through two blocks with the ends knotted. The rope is then tied through the top metal ring. A wooden coin is suspended from this ring. This pattern is repeated four times. At the bottom is a silver tinkling bell.

This hanging toy offers a lot of enrichment for small pet bird breeds such as the canary, parakeet, budgie, cockatiel, lovebird, quaker, and parrotlet. With multiple textures, exciting colors, and a variety of images, small pet birds will love the ABC Coin hanging toy. The wooden coins offer variations in color, and the differences in the wood grain on each one adds another layer of added visual stimulation.

The letter blocks have both color and texture differences your small friend can explore with both their feet and their beak. And in addition to the letters, there are also images on the sides of each block. The ropes are something your bird can really sink his or her beak into, and each block can both rotate around the rope, and slide toward the middle of the rope and back. The silver rings are bright and shiny and your bird will enjoy exploring those to see what they are. The sturdy ropes may eventually shred, but your pet bird will get hours of enjoyment out of them before that happens.

At the bottom, hanging from the final metal ring is a silver tinkling bell. The bell rounds out this awesome toy with both visual and auditory stimulation. Birds love both the mechanical aspect of a bell, and the sound that it makes. This is not a super shiny bell, but your bird will be able to make out his or her reflection on the side of the bell and will wonder who that handsome fellow or lady is! This can be an attractive feature, particularly if a bird is in a cage alone.

The 3746 ABC Coin hanging toy from Bonka Bird Toys is about nine (9) inches in height, four (4) inches in width, and one (1) inch in depth with a weight under two (2) ounces. It is completely, 100% bird safe and has both hard and softer elements for your small pet bird to enjoy and explore with both their beak and their feet. 

August 17, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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