The 3622 Medium Rope Pyramid is (3) pieces of rope shaped like a pyramid, hanging from the quick link connector, tied to a horizontal ring. Check out this toy!

3622 Medium Rope Pyramid

The 3622 Medium Rope Pyramid has a quick link connector to a silver metal ring. Three (3) pieces of cotton rope are tied to the top ring. At the bottom, they're tied to a larger horizontal ring. This provides a pyramid shape. There are colored wooden pieces at the top and bottom for chewing.

At the top of this toy, we begin with the quick link connector for fast and easy mounting inside or outside of a cage. Suspended from the connector is a sturdy, silver metal ring, which birds will enjoy touching and exploring. One of the three legs of the pyramid is tied through the ring and a colorful wooden bead dangles from it with a knot at the end. This bead can spin around the rope at its center, as well as sliding slightly back and forth. The other two legs of the pyramid are formed with one piece of the same type of rope tied at its center toward the top of the pyramid, with the two loose ends coming down and tying to the horizontal ring that serves as a perch. The perch ring is also tightly covered with the same white cotton rope. At each spot where the hanging ropes connect to the horizontal perch, there is a colorful wooden bead in addition to a cylindrical wooden piece. A knot is tied beneath each of these wooden elements with a bit of extra rope which is frayed at the bottom. 

This fun, interactive rope pyramid will provide your parrot, cockatoo, psittacula, caique, or parakeet with hours of fun! With its striking white color, dense cotton rope and colorful all natural wooden elements, it's a great way for your avian companion to enjoy him or herself. Birds are tactile creatures, and they love to explore new shapes and textures with both their feet, and beak. This rope pyramid is sturdy, to last a long time. The rope is soft, but with a tighter twist than some other ropes, which gives it a different feel, and provides durability. Your pet bird is going to immensely enjoy climbing all over this rope pyramid. 

The wooden elements of this toy add another layer of tactile feedback, that your bird is going to love. Each of the wooden elements can spin on the rope at their center. The beads and other wooden elements will slide, but only slightly. Your bird is going to have a great time learning just what they can, and can't do with this rope pyramid. The 3622 Medium Rope Pyramid from Bonka Bird Toys is 20 inches high, 9 inches wide, and weighs just under 6 ounces. It is made with 100% bird safe elements.

August 20, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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