The King Cages Rainforest Mist Spray for African Greys can soothe flaky skin, prevent plucking and condition feathers. Learn about King Cages Rainforest Mist.

Rainforest Mist for African Greys is a spray product designed to promote healthy skin and feathers. It is great for any pet African Grey that is suffering from dry, itchy skin. The spray also helps to discourage any unnecessary plucking and molting. It can even get rid of lice and mites.

Many African Grey owners get very concerned when their bird is constantly plucking their feathers or molting excessively. And rightfully so! This behavior is the sign of a serious problem with their skin. African Greys come from an environment that is more humid than what is found in most homes. It is very common for their skin to become uncomfortably dry, flaky and itchy. Destructive behavior can then occur as a result.

To alleviate this problem, you will want to keep your bird’s skin moist and conditioned. You can do this with the King Cages Rainforest Mist Bath Spray for African Greys 8 oz. The spray is very easy for bird owners to use. Simply shake well and spray on your bird from about a foot (12 inches) away. Continue doing this until your bird’s feathers are visibly moist. You should then keep your bird away from any vents or air ducts to prevent them from becoming cold. The product should also not be used with sick birds, and it should not be used near your bird’s food or water. Also keep away from children and other pets.

The King Cages Rainforest Mist Spray for African Greys does not contain alcohol, and it will promote healthy plumage and feather patterns for your African Grey. The product will keep their skin healthy and moist and stop unwanted plucking and excessive molting. It is also great for dealing with infestations of lice or mites that may occur. The spray has a pleasant baby powder scent, and it is made in the USA. It is sold in 8 oz bottles. This spray is specifically blended for African Greys.

May 26, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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