King Cages Rainforest Mist for Cockatoos and Macaws will keep your bird’s skin healthy and condition their feathers. Learn about the Rainforest Mist Spray.

8oz Rainforest Mist Cockatoo

Rainforest Mist for Cockatoos is a spray product designed to moisten a bird’s skin, condition their feathers, and encourage healthy plumage. We recommend this spray for any pet cockatoo or macaw that is demonstrating unwanted plucking and excessive molting due to dry and flaky skin.

If you own a cockatoo or a macaw, it can be extremely troubling if your bird has skin that is uncomfortably dry, itchy and flaky. Your bird will constantly pluck their feathers, molt excessively and demonstrate unwanted destructive behavior. Remember, cockatoos and macaws do best in humid environments that keep their skin healthy and their feathers properly condition. Most homes have considerably drier air. This can result in your feathered friend developing some serious skin problems.

Fortunately, there is a way to overcome this issue. The solution is to use King Cages Rainforest Mist Bath Spray for Cockatoos and Macaws 8 oz. This safe and effective spray can be easily used by nearly any bird owner. All you need to do is shake well and spray directly on your bird from roughly a foot (12 inches) away. Repeat until you recognize that your birds feathers have become nice and moist. Make sure to keep your cockatoo or macaw away from air drafts after using to prevent them from becoming cold. Please note that this product should not be used with sick birds, unless instructed by a veterinarian. It should also not be used near any food or water that your bird might consume. The spray should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

There is no alcohol in the King Cages Rainforest Mist Spray for Cockatoos and Macaws. When used correctly, it should encourage natural plumage and help your bird develop healthy feather patterns. Their skin will remain moist, and unnecessary plucking and molting will cease as a result. Bird owners may also use this product to stop infestations of lice or mites. The spray is made in the USA, and it features a pleasing vanilla scent. It is sold in 8 oz bottles, and it is blended with cockatoos and macaws in mind.

May 26, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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