A bird rope perch is a flexible, soft and durable perch that your feathered friend will enjoy on a constant and consistent basis. Learn which bird rope perch is best for you.

R24 Perch

For almost every bird, we recommend the R24 Rope Bird Perch. This is a versatile perch that can be placed in different and numerous ways inside your birds cage. This perch can be set to swing, be a bridge, or just make it a standard perch. Rope perches are very useful for all types of birds.

The R24 is constructed with a sturdy and colorful cotton rope and has cage attachments placed at both ends. The soft cotton rope stimulates both your birds feet and his/her beak too. The bright and vibrant colors in combination make a great combination for a rope perch. Rope perches are also great because they promote leg strength, balance and preening, all great habits for your pet to build with this toy.

R24 measures approximately 24 inches in length by 1 inch in diameter. This toy also comes in two larger sizes. The R36 Perch and the R40 Perch are the same rope perch but in larger sizes. The R36 measures 36” x 1” and the R40 measures 40” x 1”. All three of these rope perches work great for all types of birds and fits in all types of cages. As with all of our toys these rope perches are made with all bird safe materials and have been tested and approved by birds of all kinds.  

January 30, 2018 — Bonka Bird Toys

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