The 1095 Medium Beller, a great option for a bird bell toy. A sturdy link chain holds a colorful array of bells and acrylic pacifiers. Learn more about it here.

This beautiful display of pacifiers which birds love to peck at and bells which gives off an intriguing sound to the birds would be a great way to keep your feathered friend busy. They can also climb aboard the toy as the sturdy link chain is built to hold extra weight. Simple yet colorful.

1095 Medium Beller

The 1095 Medium Beller is really an eye candy of a toy. All materials used are 100% bird safe. This particular toy measures approximately 12 inches long by 2 inches wide, comes complete with a quick link attachment for easy cage placement. This toy is in accordance with birds’ hobby and is used to release pressure and relieve boredom of birds. It meets the habits of birds climbing and biting. This is a great option for your birds' health physically and mentally. Birds ultimately love pecking at and chewing on the flamboyant pacifiers. They also love massaging their beaks with the delightful array of ropes hanging from the chain links. This chain link toy can be hung horizontally for the bird to walk across the sturdy chain links and play from top or bottom. Or it can also be hung vertically for the bird to play with as desired. Anyway the bird chooses to play with this toy will have the bells sounding off leading the bird into a stage of curiosity and admiration. Everything from the rope, to the bells, to the pacifiers, to the chain links are tested and approved to be absolutely 100% safe for your large or medium feathered friend. This is the perfect gift for your bird.

January 01, 1970 — Bonka Bird Toys

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