Foot toys are simple yet effective bird toys. These toys are manipulated primarily by the birds feet or talons. Find out which toys are right for you!

Bird foot toys are small toys that birds can grab, pick up and manipulate with their feet. Learn more about foot toys for different types of birds. Good bird foot toys are safe, fun, tuff and multi purposeful. We highly suggest the 12391308, and the 1356 for all your birds wants and needs.

1239 Foraging Bullet

  • 1239 Foraging Bullet is an amazing foot toy! This toy is made of a durable plastic and has a small opening on both ends. This allows you to insert a small treat turning this into not only a foot toy but a foraging toy as well. Vibrant colors attract your feathered friend and the challenge of foraging will keep them entertained for hours. This foot toy is best for medium to large birds and comes in 3 vibrant colors; blue, pink or green. This Toy measures approximately 3 1/2 inches long by 2 inches wide.

1308 Three Dumbbell

  • 1308 Three Dumbbell is great for small birds who love their exercise. Made with fun and exciting colors. The light dumbbell shaped plastic has a bell on both ends of the toy, they rattle, shake and ring as your bird plays with the toy. 1308 makes a great toy to be played with and thrown around inside and outside your birds cage. Measuring approximately 4 inches in length and may come in a variety of colors. Made with all bird safe materials and bird approved!

1356 Star Sneaker

  • 1356 Star Sneaker is a toy of many sensations for your bird! The rubber wiggly ball and sneaker, cotton shoe laces, and wooden chewy star. Bright and colorful toy and multiple sensations make this a perfect toy for your small to medium size birds. 1356 comes with a quick link which enables this toy to hang from any type of cage. Hanging this toy in your birds cage makes it a sure thing for your bird to interact with. The chewing star is great to keep your birds beak and mind occupied. Measuring approximately 9 inches high by 3 inches wide, comes with a sturdy link hanging chain and a quick link for easy cage placement.
January 30, 2018 — Bonka Bird Toys

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