You can choose between the 3637 Z-Link Large and the 3638 Z-Link Small to entertain your pet. Check out the cool and colorful Z-Link toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 3637 Z-Link Large and 3638 Z-Link Small are two (2) colorful plastic hanging toys that birds like to use for climbing and pulling. You may like to leave the Z-Links loose at the bottom of the aviary to use as foot toys. Both the large size and the small size offer big fun for a birdcage.

It doesn’t get much more simple than bird toys like the 3637 Z-Link Large and the 3638 Z-Link Small. Both toys start with a quick-link connector at the top that is used for hanging the bird toy from the top of the aviary. Then the fun gets started quickly, as there are attached “Z-Links” that continue downward through the duration of the toy. Each Z-Link connectors to the previous one, and you get five (5) Z-Links in total on both toys. The difference between the two toys is that the individual Z-Links themselves are larger on the 3637 Z-Link Large, and smaller on the 3638 Z-Link Small. It should be mentioned that the larger size isn’t always better, as smaller birds will often have an easier time interacting with the small option, as it is a better fit for their beaks.

There are many ways that you can use the 3637 Z-Link Large and 3638 Z-Link Small. For starters, both toys hang from the top of the aviary and dangle below. They are perfect for attaching other toys and fun, enticing materials for your pet to play with. For example, we have seen some users tie natural leather strands to various sections of the Z-Link chain. Then a bird will chomp down on one of the strands and begin pulling the toy all around. It can be quite fun to watch this spectacle. Also, you do not have to use all five (5) Z-Links in the chain. You can remove some of the Z-Links to make the toy shorter, which may be ideal for some pets.

Some adventurous birds like to try and climb up the dangling 3637 Z-Link Large or 3638 Z-Link Small for some much-needed exercise. Not everyone thinks of birds as natural climbers, but don’t be surprised when you see your feathered friend trying to scale the toy. And how could they resist? The Z-Links are very brightly colored and very attractive to birds, while their smooth plastic texture feels to a bird. Like we mentioned earlier, you can make one of these Z-Link chains even more enticing by attaching other toys to them, Once your pet sees their favorite plaything hanging off the Z-Link, it will be nothing but pure energy and excitement.

But where the real potential of the 3637 Z-Link Large and 3638 Z-Link Small can be found is in their use as foot toys. Like we mentioned earlier, the Z-Links are detachable, and you can toss these small plastic pieces all around the aviary for your pet to play and interact with. Birds love to march all over the loose Z-Links and pick them up with their talons. This is great lower body exercise for your pet, and the smooth plastic really feels nice on a bird’s talons. Birds actually really enjoy working their feet and playing with fun foot toys, so the Z-Links really offer some huge fun in that regard. Just detach the Z-Links from the chain, and toss them all around!

The 3637 Z-Link Large is the bigger of two options, measuring in at (14.5) inches long, three (3) inches wide, and weighing less than six (6) ounces in total. It is good for medium to large birds. The smaller 3638 Z-Link Small makes a great plaything for a smaller bird, and it measures in at (8.75) inches tall, (2.25) inches wide, and weighs less than one (1) ounce. The Z-Link toys are totally bird-safe, but we still recommend supervising your pet for safety. This is crucial during the first play session. Get the 3637 Z-Link Large and 3638 Z-Link Small from Bonka Bird Toys!

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