Shreddable cardboard and plastic rings for grabbing await your pet with the 2203 Ring Roll and 2204 Large Ring Roll. Keep the party rolling with these toys!

Some good cardboard roll toys for birds are the 2203 Ring Roll and the 2204 Large Ring Roll. The biggest highlights of these toys include their shreddable cardboard structure and their colorful plastic rings that are great for grabbing and pulling. Your pet will love our cardboard roll toys!

If you’ve spent your fair share of time around birds, then you probably know by now that they love to tear things up and shred stuff to bits. Cardboard toys like the 2203 Ring Roll and 2204 Large Ring Roll are fantastic for this. As a bird-safe material, cardboard offers that nice balance of destructibility versus durability. It is easy enough for a bird to tear up and destroy, but it isn’t so weak that a bird will be finished in mere moments. It takes a bird a bit of time to get through one of these toys, and that is good, because you ideally want your pet to get several destructive sessions out of their fun new plaything. In addition to the cardboard rollup, there are also a couple of cardboard squares for your pet to to shred all up!

But the 2203 Ring Roll and 2204 Large Ring Roll both offer more than just simple destructibility. They can also provide some healthy exercise for your feathered friend by serving as grabbing and pulling toys. The colorful plastic rings that decorate the toy’s main body provide the perfect spot for your pet to latch on and pull the toy all around. There are two (2) of these plastic rings on the 2203 Ring Roll, while the 2204 Large Ring Roll increases the fun by offering three (3) colored plastic rings. And perhaps even more exciting is the woven strip of natural seagrass that runs through both these toys. It is yet another nice piece for your pet to grab and pull on the toy.

Unlike many of our toys that have a metal quick-link connector, the 2203 Ring Roll and 2204 Large Ring Roll actually have a unique plastic C-link connector. You should have no problem using it to hang the toy from your birdcage. But if you really want to get creative, then you don’t have to hang it. You can also leave the toy loose at the bottom of the cage for your pet to use as a foot toy. The cardboard ring rolls have talon-pleasing grooves in them, and your winged wingman will love to walk all over the seagrass strip that we mentioned earlier. Don’t be surprised when one of these playthings becomes your bird’s favorite foot toy!

The 2203 Ring Roll measures about (15) inches tall and four (4) inches wide, and it weighs less than four (4) ounces. Or you can size-up with the 2204 Large Ring Roll with dimensions of (25) inches long, and four (4) inches wide, while weighing under six (6) ounces. All of the materials used to make these toys are bird-safe, but we still recommend supervising your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. You can get these toys from the world’s leader in bird toys, Bonka Bird Toys!

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