With noisy, chewing, and pulling fun for your small pet bird, you really can’t go wrong with the 3582 Ring Chaser! Check out this toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 3582 Ring Chaser is a fun noise-making toy for small birds. Its top has a quick-link attachment and a metal link chain. This leads to a colorful plastic bowl-like swivel cage that secures a noisy rattler ball. It also has an attached plastic link chain and a plastic ring hanging below.

There is so much to appreciate about the 3582 Ring Chaser. For starters, it is full of bright colors that are sure to attract the attention of your small feathered friend. Almost any interaction with the toy will cause its rattler ball to shake and make some bird-pleasing sound effects. The rattler ball moves around the rim of the swivel cage, and it cannot be removed from the toy. This means that it will always be there to spin around the inner rim and get your pet rowdy and excited.

One other way to use the 3582 Ring Chaser is for foraging. The inner rim of the toy’s swivel cage makes a good spot to hide a small treat for your beaked pal. There isn’t too much space in there, but it’s still deep enough to fit something small, as the rattler ball doesn’t take up too much room. We have said many times before that birds love to forage, and that also applies to the smaller pet birds who will get the most enjoyment out of the 3582 Ring Chaser. You might try covering up the small treat or surprise with some shredded paper to give your pet an extra challenge!

Another way for your pet to enjoy the 3582 Ring Chaser is to use it as a pulling toy. Your avian amigo can easily bite down on the colored plastic ring at the toy’s bottom or the attached plastic link chain and pull the toy all around for some fun exercise. When your pet does this, the toy’s rattler ball will move around and shake, causing it to make the exciting sounds that your pet craves. You can also make the toy even noisier by tying a bell to the bottom as well. And it goes without saying that the plastic ring and plastic link chain make good parts for your pet bird to chew on.

There are also some intangible factors that really help make the 3582 Ring Chaser such a special toy. All its plastic components are vibrantly colored, and the bright designs are tremendous for attracting the attention of birds. These plastic pieces are also extremely tough and durable, which helps make the toy very long lasting. And the 3582 Ring Chaser even offers excellent expansion potential with its hanging ring that allows you to attach other playthings and build upon the toy’s already nice versatility. We mentioned the bell idea earlier, but you can really get creative here!

The 3582 Ring Chaser is super easy to hang using its quick-link attachment. For dimensions, the toy measures about ten (10) inches all, four (4) inches wide, and it weighs less than four (4) ounces. All of the materials and components used in the 3582 Ring Chaser are bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience. You can get the 3582 Ring Chaser and many other cool toys from Bonka Bird toys.

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