Our stainless steel bird feeding cups are perfect for your hungry feathered friend. Learn about the stainless steel bird feeding cups from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 800120 Stainless Steel 5 oz Clamp Cup and the 800121 Stainless Steel 10 oz Clamp Cup are great stainless steel bird feeding cups. You can easily pour in your bird’s favorite snack so that they stay nice and satisfied. Bonka Bird Toys also sells larger feeding cups for bigger birds.

Clamp Cups

As any bird owner knows, keeping your feathered friend happy and full is very important. We don’t want your buddy to get fussy! They need a dependable and reliable feeding cup that is long-lasting and simple in design. Luckily, Bonka Bird Toys has you and your flying pal covered. Our stainless steel bird feeding cups are exactly what you need!

We have stainless steel bird feeding cups in many sizes. Most small to medium birds will do just fine with our 5 oz cup or our 10 oz cup. When it’s feeding time, you can easily access the bowl and pour in birdseed or other goodies. Use whatever you would like! It can become a fun daily activity for you. After all, there’s nothing quite like rewarding your beaked comrade with a tasty and satisfying reward!

Our food bowls are built from high carbon, non-magnetic stainless steel that is both rust and scratch resistant. They are of top-quality, and they are sure you last for many years. These heavy-duty containers are great for rowdy and playful creatures, and you can even use them in cages with multiple birds. You can also rest assured that they are very easy to clean and use on a daily basis.

All our bowls can be clamped securely to cages, kennels and outdoor pens. In addition to our 5 oz and 10 oz bowls, we also have stainless steel feeding cups in larger sizes. These are excellent for heftier birds who need some extra goodies. Our selection includes the 800122 Stainless Steel 20 oz Clamp Cup, the 800123 Stainless Steel 30 oz Clamp Cup, the 800124 Stainless Steel 48 oz Clamp Cup, and the 800125 Stainless Steel 64 oz Clamp Cup. Stainless steel hook cups are also available!

April 04, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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