Have repairs or additions? Or do you feel like making a brand new DIY creation? Check out Bonka Bird Toys huge selection of Bird Toy Parts Assortments here.

If you like to make your own bird toys,DIY parts are available at Bonka Bird Toys. Leather To Links, Bonka Bird Toys has the latest new and exciting Bird Toys Parts. Take a look at our collection with parts to assemble your own different types of toys. Anything can be made for your pet.

You can refill, replace or add to your toys with our selection of wood pieces, vine balls, coconut discs, acrylic rings, plastic beads. All of the Bonka Bird Toy Parts are 100% bird safe, and we use them to make our vast selection at Bonka Bird Toys. They are all bird tested and approved. Stainless steel spoons, untreated natural leather, and lots of colorful, attractive parts to assemble your bird toy collection.


  • 1531 Pack of Three Natural Crazy Colored Vine Balls. Measuring approximately 2 inches in diameter. A visually appealing classic. These balls are fun and chewy, especially useful as foot and talon toys or simply fill them with other treats for hours of foraging fun. A great crafting item or part for a toy building project, the uses are endless. Colors may vary as to what is shown.


  • 1218 Three Vine Chews, huge 3-inch natural vine items; consisting of a star, heart, and a ball. Add some functional character to your favorite toy or next project! Great for stuffing with paper or treats for foraging fun and always a favorite to chew. Made from untreated, natural vine material, each measure approximately 3 inches in diameter.


  • 1228 Approximately 40 ft by 3/4-inch wide braided, natural palm leaf rope. Use individually or braid together. Decorate and give new life to existing setups or give your parrot a vibrant climbing option to explore! Tough and all natural, we offer six great color choices for your next modification, craft or bird toy making project; a great value item with endless possibilities.


February 06, 2018 — Bonka Bird Toys

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