There are a few ways you can add a parrot to your home. There are private breeders and pet stores, and there are rehoming facilities. These options have pros and cons, but this blog will discuss rehoming facilities or parrot rescues. There are thousands of adult birds waiting for new homes across the country. The chances are good that there is a rehoming facility near you. Most of these facilities are small and home-based, but enormous facilities can house hundreds of birds. They have in common that if they are "doing it right," their main goal is to provide a haven for parrots waiting for homes. Each facility has its own set of rules, guidelines, and applications, and in most cases, home visits before bringing home a new parrot. 

There have always been questions regarding home visits, and some are done these days remotely due to Covid. Home visits are an essential part of the process, designed to answer questions and identify any hazards before bringing home a new parrot. And yes, the folks who have invested their hearts and resources in preparing these birds for their next home need to know that they will be cared for and safe. Very few of these birds are actual "rescues," meaning they have never been in imminent danger. The majority are just parrots who, for whatever reason, need a new home and maybe some training. 

Rehoming facilities dedicate a lot of time preparing an adult parrot for their next home by teaching things like "Step up" and correcting dietary needs. Your new companion will have also seen an avian vet for bloodwork and disease testing. Don't rely on movies and media; get to know these beautiful creatures waiting for homes. The overwhelming majority of rehoming facilities can use volunteers. If you have never been around a parrot but are confident you would love to share your life with one, consider volunteering. Mostly, you're going to clean. You're going to clean a lot. You're also going to have the opportunity to observe and learn. A loud bird will be a problem living in an apartment or HOA. Most of the larger species can scream with volumes of up to 200 decibels. Get to know some of the smaller, quieter species like cockatiels. 

If you work for long hours outside the home, please consider a bonded pair or an older parrot that needs a good home. Some are not as hands-on as others and are content to receive good care and kind words. A good facility will be able to answer your questions and guide you in your choice of the perfect companion parrot. Volunteering and spending time with people who live and breathe parrots is the best way to decide whether or not to add a parrot to your life and, most importantly, which one!

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July 08, 2022 — Bonnie Grafton


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