Over the years of working with "rescued" animals, I've learned a lot of things about parrots. One of the things I've learned is that no parrot can resist paper. They pull it up from under the grates and shred and destroy anything they can reach with that stretching foot. If they "play" with nothing else, they play with paper! Paper is the easiest step towards teaching your parrot to self-entertain. Here's a toy to engage your parrot in shredding and banging! Consider 0037 Bonka Bird Toys Large Shredmaster. This heavy acrylic toy on a sturdy SS chain comes with the first 100 yards of rolling paper! Your parrot will grab the paper and pull it from the toy, shredding it. Bonka Bird Toys Shredmaster is easily refillable with 3135 2pk Lg Shredmaster refill, and you can toss the toy in the dishwasher. The paper case hangs on a stainless steel chain, which you can fill with more paper toy parts.

If your parrot is hesitant about wood or doesn't touch the stuff, let's add more paper! Fill the stainless steel chain on the 0037 Bonka Bird Toys Large Shredmaster with 2120 pk9 1.75-inch chew bagels. This simple toy part will encourage your parrot to dig into the bagels. These will also hold a walnut in the shell for large parrot foraging. Let's not forget the banging! The Shredmaster is an excellent, safe toy for your parrot to bang against the side of the cage! Parrots love to bang things! If you've discovered your parrot enjoys banging things around, 2182 Bonka Bird Toys Duo Cage Ball would be a super next addition to your parrot's booming orchestra. The Duo Cage Ball is another heavy-duty, super strong acrylic toy that will engage your parrot. The dangling plastic chain and solid acrylic ring make an easy grip for talons, and the balls move around the base of the two acrylic cages, providing excellent tactile stimulation. My large macaws have not been able to destroy this toy, and yes, it is also dishwasher safe! Create an at-home orchestra of bang for your parrot with the 0037 Bonka Bird Toys Large Shredmaster and the 2182 Bonka Bird Toys Duo Cage Ball. My parrots say they will thank you!

July 18, 2022 — Bonnie Grafton


Anonymous said:

Are the Cage Ball and Duo Cage Balls still imported from China?

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