Congratulations on the decision to bring a parrot into your home. A new parrot is nothing like bringing home a dog or cat. Parrots are far more intelligent and have higher expectations of their human companions than most other pets. Your job is to learn about your new parrot as your new parrot learns about you. Take your time getting to know each other but don't be afraid to try new things. Parrots are highly social creatures and should live where you spend most of your time. Place their cage where they can see you when you are home. Avoid high traffic areas and large windows during this settling-in period. Find a place in a corner or against a wall where your new parrot can observe and feel safe.

Remember that all this is new for your parrot as well. A moveable play stand, such as Bonka Bird Toys Kings Cages Metal Playstand PP B72T 65X28X28, is an excellent way for your parrot to be near you. This simple stand allows for an accessible training station and gives your bird a place to hang out. It comes equipped with two food bowls and a hook for hanging toys. Be sure your bird always has a source of clean, fresh water. A few favorite treats in the food dish will make this enriching as well. Consider adding my favorite new toy from Bonka Bird Toys Star Basket 2327. Bonka Bird Toys Star Basket is one great new design!. This toy, filled with fun things to shred and chew, is an excellent choice for any size parrot. Add a few treats for foraging fun. Please note: The bell is easily removable if you have a large bird or one that won't leave the bell clappers alone. Many adult birds have never seen a play stand before. Take it slow. 

Place the stand next to your parrot's cage, and do not force your new friend to stand on it if he leans back from it or tries to get away. If this happens, don't panic! Leave the stand near the cage but not close enough to touch. Gradually, move the stand closer so that it can be handled by your parrot when it is out of its cage. Be sure to reward your parrot anytime he touches the stand. This process takes as long as possible, so don't lose hope. If you are comfortable handling your new bird, try stepping him down from your arm or hand to the stand. Be sure to treat generously for any desirable behavior!

July 08, 2022 — Bonnie Grafton

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