With its open top and included perch, the King's Cages ES 2521 OP is sure to please. Let your cockatiel or parakeet take it all in atop this beauty.

King's Cages ES 2521 OP 25x21x30

Did someone say recess? The King's Cages ES2521 OP is the perfect table or stand-mounted cage for your small pet bird. It offers a spacious interior, multiple access doors for ingress and egress, a metal grate, and a pullout tray for easy cleaning. But the top, which opens, is the main attraction!

The ES2521 OP is constructed of powder-coated wire with a rounded top, giving it a bold, almost art-deco styling. Powder-coated wire is preferred because it is safer for birds than painted wire. With measurements of 25"W x 21"D x 30"H, this cage is nearly square, if you don't consider the top. The cage wire goes down into a plastic base with a metal grate at the bottom above a pull-out plastic tray. This makes for easy cleaning and sanitizing. The wire and the base are color coordinated, and the entire cage can be purchased in either black or white. All components of the ES2521 OP are 100% non-toxic and bird safe.

Expect the ES2521 OP to last ten (10) years or longer with normal use. If you have to move up from this cage because you've added additional birds, and it's no longer large enough to accommodate your growing flock, you can still keep this cage around to use as a temporary cage for times when you clean the main cage, or as a quarantine cage for newly acquired birds. It could even act as a travel cage in some instances, for short trips.

Two (2) wooden dowel perches, both 1 inch in diameter are included as are two (2) plastic cups for food or treats. These cups attach securely to the side of the cage.  This cage has two (2) front doors, one small, and one large. This is an excellent cage for Cockatiels, Finches, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Canaries, or Lovebirds. The bar spacing on this cage is 1/2 inch, which helps to keep smaller birds safe from sticking their heads through the bars and getting stuck or otherwise hurting themselves. 

When the cage top is closed, it presents a stylish look, but the top can be opened into a play area with a perch for your fine feathered friend. When it's time for you to spend some quality time with your beaked buddy, you can open the top, allowing your pet bird to come on out and play. This may even be preferable to you reaching in and removing your pet from the cage as it leaves the choice of when or if to come out up to your bird. The cage is the place where your pet feels safest, so it's a good idea to allow them to come to you, particularly with newly acquired birds. 

In fact, this may be a great way for you and your new friend to build trust. The more in control your new bird feels, the more confidence they will have, and the more successful your interactions are likely to be. Of course, there's always bribery too. Adding some fabulous toys for your winged companion can't hurt. And toys with treats inside, well...that's bound to be a winning bonding strategy.

Here at Bonka Bird Toys, we offer lots of choices in small bird toys. Toys that hang down inside the cage are ideal, and you can hang some toys on the perch while the top is open, and allow your pet bird the freedom to hang out both inside and outside the cage for a while as they play. The 1007 Goody Bag would be an excellent toy to use for this purpose. It has lots of colors and textures that are sure to make your Parakeet or Cockatiel happy. They'll be able to crawl all around it while checking it out. You can even hide some treats inside the basket for a yummy surprise!

Another good option is the 82026 Xtra Small Mardi Gras toy. This adorable hanging toy will surely satisfy your small pet bird's need to find nesting materials and therefore be a proud contributing member of their flock. Remember, when your bird shreds things he or she is doing it for the good of their flock. That means you! They will love to explore with beaks and feet the various textures available in this toy, and the many colors will be pleasing to their eye as well. All of the toys on our site have their dimensions listed so you'll be able to tell right away if the toy your'e looking at is suitable for the cage size you have.

Easy cleaning is a major highlight in this, or any cage. The paper in the bottom of the cage should be changed daily. Just about any type of paper can be used, as long as it's non-toxic. Newspaper, computer paper, butcher paper, or craft paper are some options that you can choose from. The wire grate and the slide-out bottom can be easily wiped out daily, but should be disinfected at least once a week using a 10% bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water). Cage cleaning is best done in the morning so that everything has a chance to dry completely before before birdy bedtime.

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