The Kings Cages 9004030 Dome Top Cage will make an excellent home for an Amazon Parrot. Keep reading if you're looking for a home for a medium to large bird.

With its domed top, 5mm gauge bars, one (1) inch (2.54cm) bar spacing and 40"W x 30"D (101.6cm x 76.2cm) interior measurements, the Kings Cages 9004030 Dome Top Cage offers ample room for your companion bird. The interior height of the cage is 60" (152.4cm) with the domed top providing added space.

Dome top cages are nice because they allow toys and swings to hang from the top of the cage without taking up all of your companion bird's living space. They also allow a "front porch" opening above the main door. This is a secondary door that opens to a flat, barred platform that your feathered family member can perch on to watch the comings and goings of their flock. Well-behaved companion birds can have access to the porch and come and go as they please. This door is 18.5"W x 11"H (46.9cm x 27.9cm) in size.

Kings Cages are well known for their superior quality. They are highly recommended by avian veterinarians. The thick powder coated finish on this cage adds both durability and beauty. You can expect the Kings Cages 9004030 Dome Top Cage to last twice as long as an inferior cage with a painted finish. With five (5) different finish color options, you're sure to find a variation of this cage that complements your home beautifully. Color options include Sandstone, Coppertone, White, Black/Silver, and Grey/Silver.

One thing to be mindful of is the bar spacing for this cage. At 1" (2.54cm) this cage is not suitable for smaller birds such as the Finch, Canary, Lovebird, Parakeet, and some others. These species could likely get their heads through the bars, and may get caught. This could cause injury, or worse. The Kings Cages 9004030 is more suitable for medium to large birds such as the Amazon Parrot, African Grey Parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo, and other larger companion bird species.

The interior height of this cage is 60" (152.4cm) but the matching stand makes the entire height 73" (185.4cm). In addition, the Kings Cages 9004030 comes with a seed guard that circumnavigates the bottom edge of the cage. This helps to keep seeds, hulls, shredded materials and any other mess from falling to the floor. The seed guard catches small items and redirects them to the slide-out tray in the bottom of the cage. The seed guard adds 3" to 4" (7.6cm to 10.1cm) in width to each side of the cage. Be sure to account for this additional space when determining where to place your new aviary. The four (4) heavy-duty screw-in casters make it a simple matter to move the cage for cleaning, or a change of scenery.

As you would expect from a high quality companion bird cage, the Kings Cages 9004030 Dome Top Cage has a slide-out grill as well as a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. The grill measures 38.25" x 29.25" (97.1cm x 74.2cm) and the tray measures 38.25" x 29.43" (97.1cm x 74.7cm). There are three (3) swing out stainless steel bowls for food, water and treats. The large front door makes it stress-free bringing your bird in and out of the cage, whether you use your hand, or a hand-held perch. Also included is a door for easily placing a nesting box. All doors have bird-proof locks and a wooden perch is included.

The Kings Cages 9004030 Dome Top Cage will require assembly. This sturdy, well-made cage weighs 172 pounds (78kg) so be prepared when the time comes to assemble it. Made with100% bird safe materials, this cage will make an excellent home for an Amazon Parrot or any other medium to large companion bird species. It will work equally well to house multiple medium-to-large size birds.

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