Bonka Bird Toys sells colored wooden squares in packs of 12. They are great for chewing and for use in arts & crafts. Check out our 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares.

Yes, you can buy colored wooden square pieces for birds. A nice option is the 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares from Bonka Bird Toys. They are safe for your pet to chew on, and their bold colors earn a bird’s attention. You can toss the squares around the cage, hang them, or use them to make new toys.

It really doesn’t get more simple than the 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares. They are just small, two (2) inch long wooden rectangles, with a small hole drilled into the center of each one. Each piece comes in a vibrant assorted color - Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and purple - and you get twelve (12) pieces in each order. These are natural wooden pieces, and they feel fantastic on a bird’s beak. Your pet can safely chew on them to their heart’s content, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking or splintering.

Each piece from the 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares can be easily hung by running some string or twine through the center hole and then tying it to the top of the aviary or cage. This way, your pet can easily interact with it. You can also just leave the wood squares loose around the aviary for your feathered friend to enjoy as foot toys. They feel very nice on a bird’s talons, and you may find that your pet loves to pick them up with their feet and carry the pieces all around. It can be quite funny to watch actually!

You can really get creative with the 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares. The hole in the center of each piece makes it easy to hang or combine with other fun toys. You might even try hiding them inside of other, larger toys, if you are looking to give your pet some foraging fun. Or if you are into arts & crafts or bird toy making, then these little wooden rectangles can really come in handy. You can glue them, stack them, tie them up, and so much more. Put your thinking caps on, and come up with all sorts of fun ways to put these pieces to great use!

Each piece from the Bonka Bird Toys 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares measures in at two (2) inches long, (1.375) inches wide, and (0.25) inches deep. The dimensions of 2”L x 1.375”W x 0.25”D really make these pieces versatile, and there are so many cool ways you can use them. Each wooden piece weighs less than (0.2) ounces, so even the smallest birds will have no trouble interacting.

Remember that while the 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares is a completely safe bird toy, you should still supervise your pet during their first play session with them. This will help to ensure a fun experience for your pet. Your winged wingman is going to love these wood squares in every aspect. Their vibrant colors and satisfying wood texture is really a classic combination that you can't go wrong with. You can get the 2084 Pk12 Wood Squares from Bonka Bird Toys.

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